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Test report: Shoei Neotec Klapphelm

For the safety of the Shoei Neotec folding helmet, the helmet shell is made of AIM and the multi-part, modular styroporker system. The visor is made of anti-fogging CNS-1 pinlock. In addition, the Micro-Ratchet System 306 degree pivot lock system also provides security. The wearing comfort of the Shoei Neotec folding helmet is supported by three different sized helmet shells. The 3 D shaped center set, the cheek pads and the chin strap cover can be easily removed and washed. Ear pads are also available, as is the Shoei Neotec folding helmet for intercom installation. Multiple breathing and venting, with the inlets on the forehead and chin and two outlets at the back. An integrated turbulence generator and an integrated spoiler provide for the aerodynamics of the Shoei Neotec folding helmet. The weight is 2 kg. As far as the details of the manufacturer, which nevertheless promise some wear comfort. But how do you see the customers, who then tested the helmet so properly. Can the Shoei Neotec folding helmet meet the promises of the manufacturer, or rather not. Exactly this was then extensively tested, although this at different speeds.  

Very comfortable to wear

This was then the opinion of all customers, because the Shoei Neotec folding helmet is really very good. But then came the first accurate test, just as the volume concerned. It has a customer very strictly and then also tested at low and high speed. At a speed of up to 50 km / h the Shoei Neotec folding helmet is really very quiet, which was felt as particularly pleasant. Lauter it is then from 50 to 120 km / h, however, this was not considered unpleasant or too loud. From 120 to 200 km / h the volume hardly increased. This speaks for the very good workmanship of the Shoei Neotec folding helmet, which was convincing in urban traffic. Just as many customers are more likely to travel in the city than on the highway. For this reason, the helm was particularly convincing for city traffic, which is not taken into account by other manufacturers.  

Keeps what the manufacturer has promised

It was particularly good that the feed can be removed and washed. Likewise, the ratchet closure is easy to use, and this holds very well. All in all, the Shoei Neotec folding helmet got 4.5 out of 5 points. At the same time, all customers expressed a clear purchase recommendation, even if a point was deducted here and there. However, the points were always subtracted only at the loudness, whereby the lower velocities were not included. All in all, none of the customers had regretted the purchase, with a customer already having a previous model. In the older model, the visor could be opened by a few millimeters, which is unfortunately missing in the Shoei Neotec folding helmet. This did not lead to a point deduction, but was only noticed by the customer. Otherwise, the visor can be changed a little by hand, because here nothing hangs. A helmet that truly fulfills all the important absolutely outstanding features.


Conclusion guyAll in all, the customers were very satisfied with the Shoei Neotec folding helmet, even if a point was deducted here and there. The workmanship is very good and the wearing comfort as well. In addition, the helmet does not press and is very well padded. Special mention was made of the ventilation, whereby, of course, the customer opinion a little apart.For one customer, the ventilation was very good, another would have liked more ventilation. Where there was no point deductions, since the very good processing was respected. No one of the customers regretted the purchase and therefore a purchase recommendation. The price found all customers appropriate, since the security is ensured. A helmet that really holds what the manufacturer promised.

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