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Test report: Shoei GT Air Regalia Integralhelm

The integral helmet from the manufacturer Shoei with the designation GT Air Regalia showed itself in a test as a very convincing and above all optically sporty motorcycle helmet. Many details are taken from the racing sport by this integral helmet and has been taken over by the manufacturer in the series. Many prospective customers will like the very attractive design and this helmet also has a very distinctive shape.These are the first impressions which are to be found on this really successful helmet from the manufacturer Shoei.Important with a helmet like this is, of course, the question of safety and the further question of comfort. Today's product has to fulfill all the characteristics of safety with a low weight, with a good padding. The corresponding safety certificates were given to this integral helmet.  

The helmet appears very comfortable

In the test, the first fitting showed a pleasant and comfortable picture, because the parts of the upholstery are individually distributed securely inside the helmet and form a firm yet comfortable protection. With about 1,200 grams of weight, this integral helmet appears on the average and is therefore easy to identify. This helmet offers a lot of safety and valuable equipment. For this purpose, the individual components, such as the EPS liner system, the mist retardant CNS-1 and the Pinlock closure system with a double D closure, would be tested. How safe is this helmet, which results from the safety classification and the corresponding approval. This helmet has all known certificates which today must possess good products, such as ECE R22 / 05.  

Design and shape that really works well

Also in the design and the design with corresponding Spoilern, the manufacturer has really worked hard and created a product that not only produces good optics, but also has an effect. For example, the sun visor, which was specially taken over the DIN EN 1836 and showed in the test how well this helmet works also with the journey and strongly dazzling sunlight. These security features are important, because the user gets the safe overview if he is dazzled by the sun.  

Care and hygiene are easy to reach

The outer shell is specially sealed and also allows the use of strong cleaning agents without damage. The test revealed an easy-to-clean surface, since insects must be easily removed from the visor and the helmet. Also the inner pads of the padding are washable and can be removed individually. This is particularly important when you use a helmet very often. Important is also the safe re-use of these pads and that worked very well in the test. Everything fits into this integral helmet, the optics and the quality of all the materials used. In addition, the manufacturer offers different designs with this model a really good integral helmet.  

Sound insulation and wearing comfort through good ventilation

In the test of the Shoei GT Air Regalia integral helmet, the noise insulation was very advantageous over the very well fitted ear pads. There is sufficient insulation, but the user still hears enough. Also the ventilation of this integral helmet is very innovative solved and in the test this effect was very good. There is enough fresh air, even when the visor is closed, which then safely dissipates the heat. The manufacturer also has for this innovative ventilation a special concept, it is Parkside intercom installation ventilation. The air, which is blown in from the front, escapes through several ventilation and extraction bays on the back. This helmet also has a three-stage visor locking device, which produced different positions in the test. All in all, this creates a pleasant atmosphere when wearing this integral helmet.


Conclusion guyAs a conclusion from the test of the Shoei GT Air Regalia integral helmet for the prospective buyer a convincing picture of the good quality. The customer gets a mature product, which not only convinces functionally, but also offers the user a lot of visibility. What was particularly noticeable in the test is the good active and passive safety as well as the very good ventilation system that guarantees the user a fog-free helmet. This helmet is a recommendation worth buying, because the test could not fail in practice. The customer expects a helmet with very comfortable wearing comfort.  

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