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Test report: Scorpion Exo 1200 Air Integralhelm

Here the promotion video for the Scorpion Exo 1200 Air integral helmet

The aggressive sporty shape and the also very distinctive design, are the first trademarks that stand out with the Scorpion Exo 1200 Air integral helmet. This helmet is based on the racing series and promises a lot already. In a practical test, the comfort and safety was tested. How easy this integral helmet can be used every day and how good is this Roadmaster integral helmet really that gave the tests in practice.  

It is a high-end product

This SCORPION EXO-1200 AIR CHARPENT is the exact name of this integral helmet from the manufacturer Scorpion is in itself an old acquaintance. Its performance has been further developed and visually it is a replica helmet. It looks very aggressive when wearing this helmet and that was the first good impression in the test. The sun visor does not give an insight into the eyes of the wearer in the closed state and this makes this helmet as a second point very interesting. You want to be noticed and thus you are also noticed, so is the message of the uniquely well-designed look.  

This helmet is a development of experience

The new EXO 1200 Air integral helmet is based on the principle of the EXO 1000 Air e11. This helmet from the manufacturer Scorpion combined very good features of the comfort while wearing in itself. The EXO 1200 is improved, which also shows the test. For instance, the manufacturer has improved the upholstery and has also created a very distinctive shape for the shell of this integral helmet. This helmet has not only a sporty design, but it also offers more security over a new cover made of the high-quality material Technoplast. Particularly with the surface, the manufacturer has tried to make the seal look even more high-quality. This results in a better structure, which proved to be particularly easy to maintain in the test. If one has to remove insects and other dirt, then a damp cloth is enough. Here on this smooth surface and the scratch-resistant visor can actually not cling.  

How comfortable and light is this helmet in practice

With about 1250 grams of weight, this helmet appears very light. In the test this was particularly positive and the weight proportions are optimally distributed at the head. The new visor of the EXO 1200 Air, which is designed as an Ellip-Tec visor system, also shows its convincing good effect. The test also looked at how this new Scorpion helmet behaves during long-distance journeys. Over the very aerodynamically selected pointed shape, few pressure is generated by the driving wind. This is very convincing in the practical test when driving. It is also very easy to put on and off the helm, because the cheek pads do not hinder this function. The new Ellip-Tec visor system has an easy-to-adjust mechanism, which can be easily disengaged with a clip and thus reaches several positions in a grid.  

Insulation and driving noise

Due to the high-quality surface and the almost seamless good workmanship, only little perceptible noises of the driving wind are produced. This could convince in the test really, because comparable other helmets are louder and produce over the worse design wind noise which can have a very disturbing effect. The EXO 1200 Air appeared in the test very well insulated and this good padding helps the integral helmet also to its good seat. This helmet sits tight and secure. It is held over a chin strap, which in the opinion of the testers is however somewhat poorly padded and here the manufacturer should slightly improve. Since the sun visor is permanently worked in, the visibility was also of interest in the dark and the Ellip-Tec visor system is very good because it has a vario effect that allows full visibility even at night. These experiences from the test are appreciably really good and convincing in all details. However, there is a drawback that Ellip-Tec visor system has been tested, but the helmet is delivered in the sales version only with a clear visor. This means for the customer that he should immediately buy the high-quality Ellip-Tec visor system as an accessory.


Conclusion guyThe test of the EXO 1200 Air integral helmet shows a product that has grown from experience and even improved as a high end product. Here, pure sportiness is not only offered visually, but the customer gets a really distinctive good motorcycle helmet. All important aspects of safety have been tested and are well-rated and this conclusion produces a recommendation to purchase this really good integral helmet from manufacturer Scorpion.

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