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Test report: Römer TT Integralhelm

The Roman TT integral helmet is equipped with a visor and head ventilation. The approval was made according to ECE standard 22/05. The comfort lining can be easily removed from the Roman TT integral helmet. The visor can be changed without tools. The weight is just 1.5 kg. In addition, there is a tear-off visor with a tear-off foil included in the delivery.The interior can be removed and washed. The outer shell is made of polycarbonate, the interior is made of 100% polyester, a quick release fastener with ratchet system. The visor can be changed completely without tools. These are as far as the most important data of the manufacturer, the exact explanation of the ECE standard is still highlighted. In particular, the stability of both the helmet and the chin strap is tested. In addition, of course, the load capacity of the chin strap and the chin strap closure is also thoroughly tested. Since this helmet has received the standard, the Roman TT integral helmet is classified as safe.  

Field of view is very good

In this case, almost all customers agreed that a customer did not like the Romans TT Integralhelm at all. He then renounced the purchase, without even subjecting it to a further review. Unfortunately, exactly this customer then also made an assessment, which was unfortunately not good. But all other customers were satisfied with the Roman TT Integral helmet, just as far as the field of view and the wind noise were concerned. These noises came very much through the Romans TT integral helmet, which the customers again felt very pleasant. Also the ventilation was felt as very pleasant, because sweating under a helmet is more than unpleasant. This was not the case with the Roman TT integral helmet, but it offered a high wearing comfort. Only one customer has expressed the price, but all the others have found it so perfectly.  

Mixed result

Thus, the Roman TT Integral helmet got a mixed result, the point prints with some customers were not really understandable. Especially with the customer, who has not even tested the Roman TT Integralhelm. Unfortunately, this assessment can not be pushed aside, but flows into this test. All in all the Roman TT Integralhelm got 2.5 out of 5 points. Almost all customers gave a purchase recommendation, of course, to this one customer. Because these are very satisfied with the Roman TT integral helmet, especially about the quiet wind noises. Only a tinted visor would want a customer, which of course is understandable. However, no points were deducted, because otherwise everything was in order.  

Price is ok

Especially the good damping of the air noises was felt as very pleasant. This comfort is not offered by expensive helmets, was mentioned here as well. The inner lining is very easy to remove and easy to reinsert. Thus, the helmet was more than convincing in functionality. Because the Roman TT integral helmet is easy to use, which is a great advantage. Only since demolition has its names probably that it will tear fast. A purchase that otherwise all customers have not regretted, especially for lower speeds. At high speed, none of the customers had worn the helmet. A purchase that has paid off for all customers.


Conclusion guyThe Römer TT integral helmet was perceived by the customers as very functional, whereby the design was particularly emphasized. Only one customer was not satisfied with the helmet at all, but apparently this was not the fault of the manufacturer. The Roman TT integral helmet did not fit the customer, which could simply have been avoided by measuring the circumference of the head. However, this customer did not leave a good hair on the Roman TT integral helmet, which could not be easily understood. The inner lining was not thick enough, he did not like the material. So this assessment should be simply ignored, since here clearly the error was with the customer. Otherwise, all other customers were very satisfied, especially at low and medium speeds. Here, the Roman TT Integralhelm could convince and score points. For many helmets which are much more expensive, do not offer this attenuation of the air. Thus a clear purchase recommendation was pronounced.

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