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Test report: LS2 FF351 Integralhelm

In today's world, long stretches have to be done to deal with all matters. That's why a lot of people rely on a car or a motorcycle. In order to be prepared for all injuries, the consumer needs a helmet when riding a motorcycle. For this reason, the LS2 FF351 integral helmet was introduced to the market. This helmet is so unique because only high-quality materials are used for production. In addition, all details are harmoniously coordinated. 

Handling- very simple

There is no need for the helmet to be used. That is, the consumer gets the helmet, puts it on and the ride can begin.In the production of the integral helmet, care was taken that this is very light. For the driver means that he does not have to bear several kilos on his head. In addition, this does not limit the freedom of movement of the head. The total weight hits 1300 grams.  

All requirements are fulfilled

The LS2 FF351 integral helmet is made of a HPTT shell construction. In addition, the helmet is aerodynamic. The shell construction ensures that the head is optimally protected by the motorcyclist during a fall. To meet all requirements, high-pressure thermoplastic technology was used in the production process. The helmet is also equipped with a 3-D visor. This is scratch resistant and transparent. In addition, the visor is adjustable several times. Thus, the motorcyclist can independently decide how far the visor is to be opened or closed. In order to have the best overview of the road conditions even in the case of a closed visor, this is provided with an air exchange system. This means that the air inlets help to ensure that the driver is always supplied with fresh cool air. Furthermore, the used air can escape through the air outlets at the neck. The SR2S ratchet system has been integrated to quickly and easily remove the LS2 FF351 integral helmet. Because a motorcyclist can be on the road for more than an hour, the chin strap is equipped with a comfortable soft padding. This ensures that the belt does not tweak, and secondly, that no ugly imprint is the result. In addition, the integral helmet can also be used in a race. This is because it is approved for ACU gold. In order to ensure the fit for all sizes of the helmet, the interior is equipped with foam padding. Because this has to be cut without edges and corners, laser cutting is used.  

Security - guaranteed

To ensure the safety of the helmet, the visor is treated with UV protection. This treatment contributes to the motorcyclist being able to drive the car sensibly even in the case of intense sunshine. The visor will never be fogged by the air circulation. A clear view is the result. Of course, the LS2 FF351 integral helmet has been subjected to all safety standards, such as the ECE R 22.05 standard, which is important for road traffic. In order to prevent the helmet from splitting into individual parts in an accident, the helmet has only been made from a shell.  

Cleaning - a children's game

Even if the inner lining is moisture - transporting, dirt and welding particles can settle. Therefore, it is advisable to clean this at regular intervals. Since the cushion can be taken out of the helmet, it can be quickly washed out. The feed is dried again overnight. Thus, the next day a new tour can be planned.


Conclusion guyThe conclusion to the LS2 FF351 integral helmet is very clear purchase recommendation. This is because the helmet is well-suited to daily use.Due to the many details, the value for money is outstanding. Even if the visor is frequently opened or closed, the strength is not impaired. Even the modern design with the color motifs is not affected when the helmet is worn every day for hours. All the time a good ride with the LS2 FF351 integral helmet.

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