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Test report: Jet Helmet LA Street Klapphelm

What is certain is that the Jet Helmet LA Street folding helmet is equipped with all the necessary safety standards that motorcyclists need to be safely and legally represented in road traffic. In the first place, it should, of course, be mentioned immediately that the motorcycle helmet does not even cost 100, - Euro, but a little lower, which for motorcyclists purely financially is already a highlight. An eye-catcher is naturally also the folding helmet because optical advantages must not be ignored as well because a smart face also ensures modernity and well-being. 

Safety according to current standards

The current safety standards of the ECE2205 have been taken into account with the jet helmet LA Street folding helmet, so that there is more safety in it than expected. The unique motorbike helmet has been specially designed to meet the needs of all motorcyclists in order to fuse more safety with comfort and current legal standards. This project has worked perfectly with a solid outer shell, so that a high-quality motorcycle helmet with optical advantages is also possible in the favorable price-performance ratio, so that the safety and statutory statutes in the road traffic can be satisfied.  

Modernity paired with optical highlights - this is the jet helmet LA Street Klapphelm

The jet helmet LA Street folding helmet proves to be extremely modern, so that the optical advantages are not neglected. It goes without saying that the helmet naturally also maintains high-quality standards, which are rarely seen for the price. It is striking that the modern motorcycle helmet has a washable inner lining, which is extremely flexible in the cleaning, but still maintains the soft intensity, in order not to neglect the comfort. Meanwhile it is certain that the 1450 gram light helmet sits very easily on the head and is not disturbing. Here, the special advantages of modern manufacturing processes are clearly visible, but it continues.  

Easy handling combined with safety directly

It was important to the manufacturer that the jet helmet LA Street Klapphelm modern it, but nevertheless has all the safety features that consumers need for their safety. This seems to be proven by means of a practical as well as washable inner lining. Meanwhile, it is noticeable that the robust outer shell is very stable and does not break during an impact. In the meantime, Jet ensures that the Jet Helmet LA Street folding helmet can be used by means of a quick-release fastener, so that the comfort is also given here. However, it must not be forgotten that the ECE2205 standards, which speak for a high good of safety, have been observed. In summary, the following features and recommendation criteria at the Jet helmet LA Street modular helmet can be seen. - Airflow - lining (washable and soft) - snap closure - Lightweight - From the helmet underside operated - outer visor scratch resistant - double visor These advantages are there that more Safety with easy cleaning aspects and comfort. This is the right product for the Jet Helmet LA Street Klapphelm.  

A healthy price-performance ratio is important

A decent price-performance ratio was important to the Jet Helmet LA Street folding helmet, to also sweeten the motorcycle driver's purse. It is clear that the folding helmet does not even exceed the 100 mark, which, of course, is a real highlight, to have an ECE2205 standards permissible motorcycle helmet, which can still convince visually and qualitatively. There is no disadvantage here, which one would have to mention.  

Clean is the jet helmet LA Street Klapphelm far in the course

Of course the cleanliness of the jet helmet LA Street folding helmet must not be ignored. Also here the motorcycle helmet convinces and is an optimal highlight, so that no one in a stinky motorcycle helmet his head must be pure.This means that the inner lining is easy to wash, but also the scratch-resistant visors can be cleaned easily.Everything together is the cleanliness here far ahead, so that also in this area no disadvantage arises.


Conclusion guy The jet helmet LA Street folding helmet is really a quality plus, which is available for a small price. Interested parties are allowed to access it quietly, because there can be no disadvantage, which one has to mention here. The soft interior lining thanks to the inner lining, which is no less responsible for comfort. The safety of the ECE2205 standards are also taken into account and all this speaks for the chic folding helmet. For this occasion the visually appealing folding helmet can be recommended in any case and must not be missing, so that one can be legally on the streets with the two-wheeler.

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