HJC IS 17 Mission MC4F Integral helmet

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Test report: HJC IS 17 Mission MC4F Integralhelm

The HJC IS 17 mission in the video

Sporty integral helmets offer not only safe protection, but also give the driver a good look. In a practical test, the integral helmet HJC IS 17 Mission MC4F was presented as a high-quality and visually appealing helmet that radiates a special aura. The test is based on the applicable safety regulations and the corresponding fulfillment, as well as the consideration of the optics. In particular, it was about the comfort during carrying and the safe seat during long trips.

The optics is a criterion for the selection

Anyone looking around for a new integral helmet as a passionate motorcyclist first looks for the interesting and sporty look. Here in the consideration of the test for the HJC IS integral helmet comes immediately a good mood, because this helmet looks fascinating and appealing. This also has to do with the safety of the carbon mesh used, since these materials, which are characterized as very advanced, combined with high-quality processing, create a very appealing overall picture. This integral helmet is immediately perceived at first glance and it captivates the enthusiast directly.  

The effect of sportiness is confirmed in the real test

The HJC IS 17 Mission MC4F integral helmet is not only sporty, because it is taken into the hand, then it is easy compared to its proportions. This feature is the result of lightweight construction, with very high stress limits over the carbon braid, to give this helmet the highest degree of robust flexibility. This helmet fits with its shape at fast speeds and this results in a convincing line. In the test, the impression was gained that the designers have also worked specifically towards this goal. Visually fascinating attraction has been implemented in forms that gives the sportiness  

The comfort while carrying in the test

The comfort and accuracy of the seat of this integral helmet is offered with the offer of two different sized helmet shells. The test for the HJC IS 17 integral helmet gave a very pleasant and optimal fit, which creates the comfort.After only a few minutes you can hardly notice that you have a helmet on your head. With a weight of 1500 grams, this is also possible, because this quality of an integral helmet is easy.  

Equipped with cheek pads and an air pump system

The HJC IS 17 integral helmet, however, has additional comfort and this comfort also includes safety equipment.The cheek pads are extremely comfortable that shows the real test and here is worked with air pump system that can be customized. This device in the inner life of the helmet ensures precise positioning on the head, even at very high speeds. The molds originate from a CAD program in which the outer shape has also been developed aerodynamically for high speeds. During fast test runs, the Buffeting proved to be very good, because it was designed for low wind noise, which is achieved through the form in combination with the very precise, attached visor. The helmet has special flow lines and air inlets which ensure a climatic circulation and ventilation of the helmet safely and discreetly. These lines then also give the fascinatingly good overall shape. The individual helmet with these excellent characteristics is produced with the appropriate selectable decors.  

Fog-free MMAXVISION screen allows best visibility

The MMAXVISION disc of the integral helmet is a special topic during the test. Here, in reality, the manufacturer has also implemented comfort and optimum safety. These features give you an outstanding panoramic view, achieved with this patented visor. In the test, the Pinlock disc ensured that this disc is almost never muddled and an integrated sun protection is also part of this equipment. This makes this helmet simply in the test to a top product.

All the advantages of the test at the HJC IS-17 MISSION MC4F Integral helmet at a glance:

  • Optimized helmet shell made of polycarbonate fabric composite
  • Light weight with 1.5 kg
  • Best fit cheek pads with Air Pump System
  • Best aerodynamics and ventilation
  • Extra large field of view with distortion-free panoramic window
  • Interior material Nylex Bioceramic
  • Lining washable and replaceable
  • Safe sighting mechanism
  • Pinlock with one hand technique for changing the visor
  • Integrated sunblinds
  • Micro snap lock


Conclusion guy The conclusion from the test of the HJC IS-17 Mission Integralhelm is convincing, which here all parameters are designed for success and sportiness. This helmet proved to be absolutely powerful in the test and very good in its qualities. It is a helmet which is also convinced with its optics in every respect.

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