Givi X 09 Modular folding helmet

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Test report: Givi X 09 Modular Klapphelm

Particularly when riding a motorcycle it is necessary to have a safe head protection. This protection neglects most people unfortunately again and again and then when an accident happens it happens quite quickly that something important is forgotten. The helmet must always be on the head and should not be bought too big or too small. The Givi X 09 modular folding helmet is available in size S.The helmet is black and therefore it can be seen in road traffic rather badly. But still worth a closer look. Because this helmet is very slim and can be easily folded. The sound development is therefore rather low and therefore the driver can rely solely on his ability.  

The properties

With the Givi X 09 modular folding helmet, the user gets a helmet that is made of high-quality polycarbonate. The helmet is also equipped with a sun visor. This means that the user does not have to wear sunglasses under the helmet. If, however, he needs a pair of spectacles when driving, then of course this must also be set when driving.Thanks to the folding function, however, the glasses are not regarded as a burden. It will not push or be too far. The helmet should always be ordered in the correct size. The head circumference always plays the most important role. The visor is not secured against fogging. If you want to be safe here, you can use a means to ensure that this is the case.  

What else needs to be said?

With the Givi X 09 modular folding helmet, a high-quality model is bought, which is very useful for protecting your own head. The helmet is always good and will also be very useful when driving. Thus, the user can also get a good visor and the head is well protected against falls. The interior cushions are of high quality. The visor of the helmet is scratch resistant and will still look like new after a while. There is also a chin strap available. Before the first ride the driver should adjust this belt to the correct size. Then the first exit can come and begin. If everything is set correctly and fits, then the driver can also feel comfortable.  

The field of view

The visor is a little darkened. The sun protection is optimal, but also the question of the available field of view remains very important for the user of the helmet. The field of view is absolutely good and will always be good for the driver. The driver can keep an eye on everything important. This helmet has been provided with all sorts of positive features. Also the price is absolutely justified.  

Can the foam be removed?

Since no one really feels comfortable, if he has to ride around with the inner padding for a very long time and the padding is also very dingy, it can be washed if necessary. This is good and should happen at regular intervals.Because the hygiene in such a helmet should always be taken seriously. If the pad is not washed regularly, it can also come to odd odors. These will then always be on the skin and even if the driver has only recently freshened up. Therefore, it should always be important to check the cushions inside the helmet.


Conclusion guySafety First is always the top priority for motorcycling. This safety can only be done with a good helmet. The helmet can now be chosen here because the Givi X 09 modular folding helmet is safe and will also keep what it promises. The helmet of course costs money and that should be saved, because the money is the helmet really worth. Your own safety should always be important, especially on a motorcycle. A good helmet always belongs to it. This Givi X 09 Modular folding helmet is black and unobtrusive, but still very secure and therefore it should be bought.

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