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Test report: Caberg Sintesi Klapphelm

The Caberg Sintesi folding helmet is presented in the product video

When it comes to buying a helmet, it always depends on the right size. How the size is determined, can be read below. Here is the Caberg Sintesi in black. This helmet is especially suitable for spectacle wearers. The glasses can therefore remain on their heads and no contact lenses need be worn during motorcycling. If you have to wear glasses, you should also follow the moped or motorbike. The police will be able to recognize from the driving license whether there is a spectacle obligation. Therefore, the user must always wear the glasses, even if the helmet is too tight. But there is now the Caberg Sintesi in black. The helmet is very good for driving schoolchildren because it is also prepared for an intercom system. But other users can also wear this helmet, because the aerodynamics are excellent.  

The properties

The helmet was tested by experts and there were no problems in the wind tunnel. The spectacle strap guide will be of advantage to the user. The driver can buy two different sizes here. On the one hand the Caberg Sintesi can be purchased as an integral helmet or as a helmet. The visor is clear and prepared for a pinlock. In addition, it is protected against fogging and it can not be scratched. Under the visor is an integrated sun visor. The ventilation is naturally also exactly the right thing. This is found here in the front area and chin area. The driver can also adjust these at his own discretion. A corresponding device at the back of the head ensures ventilation. The user has a washable pad here. This should be cleaned as required and as often as possible. The closure is provided here by ratchet.  

Can a visor be replaced?

Of course, a different visor can be installed at any time. This is achieved thanks to the latest technology even without tools. There is also only one hand needed to open the visor. There is a problem-free opening of the helmet.This requires no further knowledge. The front part holds firmly and the user does not have to expect that it simply folds. The helmet is very light with a weight of just 1350 grams. Some users might feel annoying. If this is so, then it is no problem at all to change the helmet again.  

purchase adviser

If you have chosen the Caberg Sintesi, you must also select the correct size. This should be measured first. A tape measure is used to determine the head size. Now the widest part of the head is measured over the ears. If you do not have a measuring tape on hand, you can also take a rope and stop it. Then the width has to be measured with a link scale. The measure that was then determined as a result is the helmet size. If the helmet has been delivered, then it must also be tried. The helmet should not change when moving the head. He should not turn or anything else. The user can also test the helmet for an hour to test if the helmet is too small. If after the hour headache occurs, the helmet is too small and must be exchanged. If there is no headache, the helmet fits well. Nevertheless, he should not sit loosely. The chin strap must be adjusted before the first ride and if everything fits, it can go.


Conclusion guyOnly with the right helmet, motorcycling can bring a lot of fun. The helm of Caberg is very chic and is also well liked the user. This helmet is especially suitable for spectacle wearers. There is even a rack guide.The helmet should be easy to order. It is also delivered quickly. If something does not fit, then the Caberg Sintesi is immediately objectionable. The salesman will be courteous and take the helmet back.Only in this way can both sides be satisfied.  

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