Caberg Justissimo GT titan folding helmet

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Test report: Caberg Justissimo GT titan Klapphelm

The Caberg Justissimo GT in the video

Safety should always go ahead and this is especially true for the drivers of a moped or a motorcycle. This safety is absolutely guaranteed, because now you will find this great Caberg Justissimo GT titan folding helmet. In order to betray a little ahead, it is a very safe helmet, which fulfills everything it needs, if the head is rather small. There is usually a good table if you do not know which helmet you have to choose. Everything is well described for this. The helmet is available in the size XS and is of the color Titanium-Matt, which gives the whole a very nice touch.

The packaging

The helmet comes in a neat carton packaged to the customer and this can also use it directly after unpacking. Such a helmet is usually very easy to get on the head. Above all, spectacle wearers have a good advantage with such a helmet. The visor of this helmet is clear and well-transparent. Nevertheless, the driver should always look for a perfect view and clean the visor before the trip if necessary and with a good seal. But also here it is extremely important that the helmet does not distract during the ride. Such a helmet is suitable both for driving a motorcycle and for driving a moped. It is always a great pleasure to buy and own such a helmet.  

The helmet itself

Now, however, with a good helmet is more than just the look. But also the optics is buoyant. This helmet from Caberg looks good and is especially quite windy. More and more precautions should be taken so that this helmet is really safe and looks more than just good. Of course, such a helmet should also be safe. This helmet makes a lot of. The folding function is great and works without problems. The helmet is easy to attach to the head and all other measures work without major problems. This is also very important, because if a helmet can not be placed correctly, it becomes dangerous. This helmet also has a secure closure that can be snapped into place. Only in this way can the driver always be safe and knows that his head is in the best hands. How a helmet must be put on, the driver will surely already know. Of course there is also a possibility to breathe properly under the helmet. Here everything is simply there, so that the journey can go safely.  

The manufacturer

Caberg is a manufacturer who has been able to hold its own with helmets on the market. It is always important to deal with it. The head is important and the corresponding protection should always be available. Only if the helmet fulfills all possible requirements, can this be also traffic-compatible. Of course, this helmet was also tested. At the time of purchase, the driver receives this certificate and can thus be sure that the helmet is really suitable for road traffic and that he is safe with it. Only if everything is fulfilled, then a certain security can move in and the helmet is just right for the driver. He should also pay attention to this point, because only with this he will get a good helmet.


Conclusion guy Safety is always important and that is the case when it comes to your own head. With a helmet from Caberg everything is safe. Of course, for this helmet the handle must go somewhat deeper into your own wallet.But that is certainly worth the one or the other. Because everyone who pays for his own health will certainly be able to start with this helmet. It should always be in the foreground, to protect the head well and thus make everything perfect. This helmet from Caberg will do everything a driver or even his novice can wish for. It is therefore also very important that everything is always good and the helmet is selected according to certain criteria. With this helmet everything is better and above all safer.The helmet is easy to put on if everything fits and that is the most important thing at all.

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