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Test report: AGV K 5 Integralhelm

Who does not like to ride on his own motorbike and always gives everything the machine allows? This is now possible with the AGV K 5 integral helmet. This model is just right and looks great. The helmet offers the best handling characteristics and at an absolutely fair price, which can be regarded as quite expensive by one or other buyer. The helm is also from Italy and the buyer has to be prepared for a longer waiting period.But nevertheless, this waiting time is worthwhile. Because the helmet is equipped with many features which will make the waiting worthwhile. The helmet is black from the basic color. The shape is particularly beautiful and there are also some distinguishing features that make it different from other helmets.  

Ventilation, etc.

The ventilation is perfect here. The helmet is very well permeable and the user can also rely on the fact that he will not sweat under the AGV K 5 integral helmet. AGV is a helmet manufacturer who not only has a good reputation, but also fully meets all requirements. The helmet is not just a round egg here, but has a windy exterior. Therefore, it is also possible to drive the bike somewhat faster.  


Now it goes to the processing. As is to be expected, the AGV K 5 integral helmet is also high-quality. The buyer can look forward to a helmet that is safe and has an acceptable weight. Unfortunately, the helmet will not stop wind noise. However, these are only muted for the driver. Therefore, this is a property that is usually taken by every buyer. The helmet has a visor that is slightly tinted. Sunglasses are therefore not required. This would probably not fit properly anyway and felt rather than oppressive. The helmet will maintain its stability even at higher speeds. The sun visor is good and the driver can still see everything well.  

How to find the right helmet?

How often is it that the wrong helmet size is bought? Unfortunately, this problem always leads to unnecessary returns. The user can easily determine his correct helmet size himself. All that is needed is a tape measure. This must be placed around the head in the widest part over the ears. If this is not the only way, it can also help. Then just take the measure and the helmet size is already determined. If you do not have a tape measure, you can also take a rope. Here, the ends, where the bands have hit, should now be measured. The helmet size can also be determined.  

How to find out if the helmet sits well?

If the AGV K 5 integral helmet is somewhat too tight on the cheeks, then there is the possibility to take out cushions.As a result, the helmet will not be pressed and will not impact the driver. The helmet fits well when the driver is wearing it and he does not shake back and forth waving his head. It is also important that the adjustment straps are always adjusted well before the first ride. As a rule, the AGV K 5 integral helmet is such that it provides an excellent fit. The cushions can also be removed if required. This should be the case from time to time. Anyone who likes this helmet should also consider it. The helmet is delivered within a short time. The user can look forward to a stable model that surpasses all expectations.


Conclusion guySafety should always be the first priority when riding a motorcycle. It is also important to always buy the correct size. With the AGV K 5 integral helmet, the user gets a high-quality helmet that will protect the head perfectly. The helmet is good and the user will be completely satisfied. It looks good and has an excellent fit. The purchase of the helmet will certainly not be regretted. The helmet does not have much noise and will not bring any disadvantages.  

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