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Test report: Metabo AHS 36 V Heckenschere

The Metabo AHS 36 V hedge trimmer in the video

The Metabo AHS 36 V hedge shears, for cable work, this is supplied with two Li-Power Compact rechargeable batteries (36 V / 1.5 Ah). The charger is included in the delivery, so that the batteries can be recharged at any time.The run time of the battery pack is 50 minutes. In this case, a cutting thickness of 18 mm and a cutting length of 53 cm can be achieved. The weight is 3.9 kg and the dimensions are 90 x 23 x 21.8 cm. These are the tight specifications of the manufacturer, but they do not tell us anything about the performance and handling. For this reason, quite normal customers can get their say, because they have tested the Metabo AHS 36 V hedge trimmer under different situations. These are not just private individuals, but also companies, which also tested their performance and durability.  

Delivery and commissioning

Here, all testers agreed, because the hedge trimmer was quickly ready for use. Of course, first of all the batteries had to be charged, but that did not turn out to be a problem. Then all the testers were able to test the Metabo AHS 36 V hedge shears directly in use, but they were surprised at the great performance. Above all, even longer hedges and other shrubs could be cut effortlessly here. Therefore, 5 points were awarded, especially since the Metabo AHS 36 V Hedge Shears really did a great job. Thus the Metabo AHS 36 V hedge shears existed here the first test with ease, which was all testers more than satisfied. But even better was the charging of the batteries felt, because these were quickly ready for use again.Some testers had cleared away the sections during this time and were able to continue working on the same. The customers had not expected this, but they still felt this a further plus. Only with a customer, a set of batteries had to be exchanged, since these can not simply be recharged. But this was not felt as a negative point.  

Purchase recommendation from all customers

Also this is so rare, but the Metabo AHS 36 V hedge trimmer could score 4.8 points out of five. The machine was convincing in all its respects, and it can be sharpened quickly. This is especially important when the Metabo AHS 36 V hedge trimmer is used. Some customers were corporate customers, who then need the hedge shears more.Although one or the other was initially skeptical, the V could then convince fully. Especially the working without cables and the good cutting performance were more than convincing. At the same time, it was only the workers who had to get used to a higher weight, but this was still limited. Of course it can be a little stressful when working over head, but the performance has not restricted this. All this led to the very good result, just as a purchase recommendation was pronounced. Here, the price / performance ratio was not an issue that the manufacturer held, which was promised. Thus, the Metabo AHS 36 V has convinced hedge shears all along, without any restrictions.


Conclusion guy Here is the purchase of the Metabo AHS 36 V hedge shears, because the manufacturer has not promised too much. The recharge time of the batteries goes fast, but other work can be done. The price does not matter to the customer, but was regarded as justified. With the customers there was no disappointment, but only a great satisfaction. This started with the simple handling, right down to the result. The knives can be sharpened effortlessly, which means that the cutting performance does not diminish even after prolonged use.The one set of batteries was faulty, was punished with a point deduction, but this did not restrict the performance. This means that the Metabo AHS 36 V can convince hedge trimmers all over the line, which means that all customers have made an absolute purchase recommendation. This affected both the private and the commercial sector. Cordless work with a lot of performance, without a loss of the cut. Likewise, the weight was perceived as not too high, even if some had to get used to it. Thus, the purchase of the Metabo AHS 36 V hedge shears is definitely worth it, especially since this really delivers a very good result.

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