Tepro 1061 Barbecue Toronto

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Review: 1061 Tepro Barbecue Toronto


Grill enjoyment at the highest level with the Tepro 1061 Barbecue Toronto

For a cozy barbecue nothing more than the right grill knows how to convince through optimal properties on whole line is recommended. Whether to guarantee mainly by high quality and a secure footing have an optimal barbecue experience on a balcony or terrace, which has a barbecue. The Tepro 1061 charcoal grill has these options and may also offer some extras which should be taken a little closer look. Thanksto its practicality and its ideal size can however in advance say that the Tepro 1061 barbecue on one of the products is one of the hesitation to play in the top league of barbecues and accordingly has classic Grill Power which, thanks to an excellent price-value is impressive ratio.  

Plenty of room for storage space and a spacious grill area

constructed complete features of the grill of Tepro a size of 115 x 67 x 107 cm. Conveniently, this thanks to two wheels can easily slide from one place to another. For particularly large barbecue enjoyment the width makes grilling surface. In two areas, each with 41.5 times 27.5 centimeters can be on the Tepro 1061 Barbecue easily sizzling chops, steaks and sausages for the entire family. Those who prefer to wish you a subdivision between meat and vegetables, is also with the two grill areas of Tepro 1061 barbecue on the safe side. Particularly useful for much grilled food and for storage of hot dishes is distinguished the holding area. This would in 1061 Barbecue fully chromed when Tepro offers an area of 53.9 times 24.1 cm to.  

Other extras of Tepro 1061 Barbecue

The Tepro 1061 Barbecue also are two enameled cooking grates in the color black with, so that the fun grilling directly start may have to be purchased separately without the separate grids. This customer-oriented solution makes the Tepro 1061 charcoal grill into a true all-rounder. To braise Fleicdh and vegetables or fish at appropriate temperatures, the useful cover provides the Tepro to 1061 charcoal grill. This has a handy stainless steel handle and a thermometer. This can always be read off precisely when the grill food with the appropriate time and temperature has reached its Garpunkt. For additional storage space a side shelf provides. The Tepro 1061 Barbecue Toronto makes this the users decide individually and so the side shelf can be folded when not in use or for reasons of space easily. This makes the Tepro 1061 charcoal grill to a flexible product offer.Exactly such extras there are reached by other. Grill devices are often missing in this price range. The Tepro 1061 charcoal grill has this integrated benefits already at the factory and stands with them in every aspect.  

Practical carbon sink and more

Like any major Grill also requires the Tepro 1061 charcoal grill a great and useful fire tray. This falls in Tepro 1061 Barbecue particularly high quality and large from. Whole 60.9 times 45.7 cm measures the tub and thus offers enough space. The carbon sink charcoal grills of Tepro also has a practical feature. This can be very easily adjusted with the aid of an easy-to-use crank in height. Every time when the temperature of the charcoal over prolonged period to an end, can the coal and the heat can be adjusted to the food to be grilled according to the aid of the height adjustment. This effortlessly manages every imaginable grill without the coal has to be necessarily refilled. Environmentally friendly and efficient in the distribution of energy can be even the last spark extract by adjusting the carbon sink heat. Conversely, thus in case of excessive heat loss the tub be lowered further downwards so that the food to be grilled charred immediately. When the grilling pleasure to an end, the cooled ash should be easily retrieved from the grill. The Tepro 1061 charcoal grill has therefore an ash collection tray which has a high-quality stainless steel handle and with the help of which the ash can be easily emptied. This also makes cleaning the Tepro 1061 charcoal grill is very easy by hand.  

Barbecue utensils, and drinks at the opening Tepro 1061 Barbecue Toronto

Who grilling gladly and often, knows that especially the Grillbesteck rarely a place will take place on grill. The Tepro 1061 Barbecue is different here. The manufacturer has set hooks attached for all friends of coal and Grill is just off the side shelf. This solution pliers and knives are always ready available. Who does not have the perfect flatware can look forward additionally because of Tepro 1061 Barbecue Toronto is directly connected to a two-piece cutlery set, consisting of two grill tongs come in different sizes. Stainless steel combines here with robust plastic. Of course, the beverage opening must not be forgotten. For a quick beer between the cooking times therefore the Tepro has 1061 Barbecue Toronto a bottle opener which is located right on the trolley. Up to 2.7 kg charcoal briquettes 1061 charcoal grill can be used in the Tepro. Anyone preferring instead relies on compact charcoal may nevertheless pour in even 1.35 Kg in 1061 Tepro charcoal grill.


conclusion guy

Practical, stylish and generous

The Tepro 1061 Barbecue "Toronto" has everything you look for in a high quality grill long. Generous storage areas, utensils and suspension Getränkeöffner, coal tub and much more, make the stylish Grill in noble black to a flexible and robust companions at any barbecue celebration.Anyone looking for a secure and noble Grill keeps its promises, lies with the Tepro 1061 Barbecue "Toronto" just right.

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