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Review: Tefal GC702 Opti Grill Electric Grill


What you should know about the Tefal GC702 Opti Grill Electric Grill

Summertime is barbecue time, but that I have always some problems. Den as barbecue I only have a small balcony, a barbecue is fired with charcoal, is leaving because of already because of the smoke and the neighbors.But the available floor space, does not allow a large grill. Ultimately, I decided for the Tefal GC702 Opti Grill Electric Grill. Why I chose the electric grill Tefal GC702 Opti Grill, you can follow out in this review.  

The Tefal GC702 Opti Grill Electric Grill

Almost completely processed stainless steel is the electric grill, he makes so alone seen from the optics ago, a very good impression. In a high power, namely over 2000 watts of Tefal GC702 Opti Grill is electric grill. For the necessary heat, makes the electric grill, the heating coil. For operation from Tefal GC702 Opti Grill Electric BBQ electricity is necessary. The Tefal GC702 Opti BBQ electric grill is equipped for this purpose with a correspondingly long connecting cable. Since I use the electric grill on the balcony, the electricity was not a problem. When used outdoors or in the garden, you will have somewhat more to the electric grill a problem. The reach of the Tefal GC702 Opti Grill Electric Grill is thus always depend on where the next socket is located. Do not disregard but also its other functions, such as a warm function when electric grill. Especially the warming function I use very much, because you can keep still warm so that even after the actual grilling, leftover steaks and sausages. At first glance it does not fall to one, but the grilling surface is the Tefal GC702 Opti Grill Electric Grill with a slight inclination equipped. This slight tendency has a huge advantage when grilling the fat does not stand on the grilling surface, but can run in its own process. This situation naturally affects very well on the grill food from, especially with steaks and sausages you realize this the taste. Despite the tendency of the electric grill from Tefal is very stable. The use of electric grill I relatively quickly found a small defect, this is due to the material and the heat. Due to the high heat of Elektogrill the surrounding areas is very hot fairly quickly. Who are not careful there can relatively easily burn your fingers.  

That's why I chose this electric grill

In addition to high performance, the various settings, and the size was for me when electric grill decides. Since I only have a small balcony, I have of course no place for a large barbecue. The Tefal GC702 Opti Grill Electric Grill was just right for me. Not to be forgotten is of course the electric grill, the price was. Convinced but I was also the current Test result from Stiftung Warentest. After this test, the judgment Electric Grill was rated with a score of 2.2.  

Easy handling

Ease of use sounds at a barbecue certainly very strange, but when compared to a charcoal grill or other electric grills, this model is equipped with several grill settings. Overall, the Tefal GC702 Opti Grill Electric Grill with six different grill level features, suitable for different barbecue food. So the electric grill is select a Burger program, a program for poultry, sandwiches, steaks, fish, or even for sausages. In addition, the electric grill is equipped with a manual function and a defrosting function. Especially the latter function also allows frozen steaks to grill quickly without having to this effect on the meat quality. Through the various functions and grill settings, you can barbecue grill food be very good and to the point. The individual barbecue stages and the associated settings can be easily controlled by different controls. The control elements are incorporated in the lid. To protect against wind and debris, the Tefal GC702 Opti BBQ electric grill is equipped with a lid. Due to the cover the grilling is done also much faster because the heat from the grill does not volatilize so quickly.  

Electric grill is easy to clean

Right after I bought the Tefal GC702 Opti Grill Electric Grill, I have this also used the same. The course I wanted to convince me how good is the performance of the electric grill. In the power of the electric grill me has totally convinced. But after grilling pleasure comes the clean up, but again, my concern when electric grill Tefal were quickly dispelled. Due to the fact that you can remove the griddle from the electric grill, you can easily clean them again with warm water and detergent. Made possible by the non-stick coating of the grilling surface. Also so easy is also the electric grill itself clean. Den when Tefal electric grill can remove the heating coil, so that you can clean the inside of the electric grill when dirty.to thank for the fact the material of which the electric grill is made, namely stainless steel.  

Easy to store

This is the electric grill small, I have already mentioned. But its small dimensions of 40.1 x 38 x 22.9 cm make course when stowed noticeable. So he fits very well with me in the kitchen cupboard and thus is not around the way. Due to the low weight of Elektrogril with only 6 kg, and the electric grill is also very easy to handle. Due to the weight of the electric grill can overlook also the fact that is not equipped the electric grill with corresponding handles. By the dimensions and weight, can the electric grill include very good and wear.


conclusion guyBoth the size, the size of the cooking surface, as well as through its various settings of Tefal GC702 Opti Grill Electric Grill convinced me.Although the electric grill is not large in size, can work very well with the existing Grilffläche. But not only the processing grilled convinced me, but also its very easy to use and the individual grill settings that can be set.These settings can keep no charcoal grill. The only minor drawback I've found for me, is the heat when electric grill. Due to the processing of stainless steel electric grill is generally very hot, even outside of the grill surface. A danger that they burn themselves, is. But this is the only slight drawback when Tefal GC702 Opti Grill Electric Grill. Overall, I would recommend the electric grill from Tefal.

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