Steba VG 350 BIG Barbecue Electric Grill

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Review: Steba VG 350 BIG Barbecue Electric Grill


Electric grill clean grilling

For many crickets is to put more than just a piece of meat on a barbecue. But here it can often lead to problems with the neighbors at a barbecue with charcoal. Exactly is avoided by this electric grill, without thereby the enjoyment comes up short. This at least according to the manufacturer, but here also includes the customer's opinion that the Steba VG bought and tested electric grill 350 BIG Barbecue. Of course there can always diverge widely the opinions generally, but in this test is less about the taste. Instead, the operation is an essential part of that is already happening in the construction and ends after the use.What then but wonder exactly in this point, all testers were even agree. Because both the construction as well as the handling found most encouragement, but especially with regard to the adjustment of the temperature. Because this is shown on the cover, which always ensures consistent taste. Here then the manufacturer has really promised too much, but it is fully achieved.  

Easy to assemble

Here was the rapid construction was another point to have felt more positive than all testers. Whereby directly the large grilling surface is noticed, because she immediately Guests may be invited. The lid is equipped with colored markers, instead of a temperature display. So care must be taken only on the right color, to cook the food. Added to this is a practical tray, which collects the escaping fat. The grilling surface is robust coated, which in turn speaks for the high quality workmanship. The temperature can be regulated super light, which is still a shelf for needed tools, like a pliers are. Thus, the Grill offers already at first glance everything that is needed for good grilling. Only downside was that it does not taste of charcoal. However, this had no negative point result, because this was just the habit. Because the grill food was spot-on, without spending long to try. The most important thing the testers, which were not disturbed the immediate neighbors by smoke. In addition, the ease of use has been consistently highlighted. Only the hanging of the lid was found to be a little difficult, at least in the first time.  

Delicious Recipe Included

This is exactly what all testers have rated more than positive, because recipes can Griller never have enough.These were of course also tested the same and were well received. It was striking, that was not quite as hot in some places of the grill, but this area was then simply used for bread or rolls. So this, too, is rated as very good, which then continued into when cleaning. Here all testers agreed quickly clean again and ready for the next use.Here was criticized that it does not fit in a sink, but that is not necessary. For all testers could clean the grill quickly.Soaking and with a soft sponge and a little grease-dissolving agent and have the grill was cleaned. Thus, this misunderstanding was because the user manual has not been read correctly. Especially the simple structure was here again especially caused. Where of course the lid was praised, especially the temperature display. So really, any grilled food perfectly, regardless whether it is meat or vegetables. No smoke, which was very important to many. With this grill were of course carried out not only tests, but like once grilled properly. Here the grill did not cease, but he was able to support loading.  

Conveniently, yet really good

Therefore all testers agreed, this BBQ is worth every cent. Of course, now is grilled not only in summer, but also during the cold season. This can also be the grill easily create, precisely because of its cover. This is of course even in the rain, but this is not intended as a porch. The cover provides for even heat and keeps this also. Because it can cook the barbecue food gently and develop the full flavor. This is precisely where Steba VG 350 BIG guarantees Barbecue Electric Grill, where the price was not decisive. The large grill plate is a further highlight, because this is 55 X 41 cm. Since many guests can be fed at the same time be guaranteed what was praised most striking.  

A purchase that is worth

Here all testers agreed because of Steba VG 350 BIG Barbecue Electric Grill has more than met expectations.Especially can be grilled next to the table here, which of course was the most points. Fast assembly and thus the grill is ready for use immediately, was felt more than comfortable. Especially the included recipes were first tried it once and found to be very tasty. Even the pineapple tasted delicious, so the Steba VG 350 BIG barbecue electric grill for a good meal should definitely come to use. No matter whether on the balcony, the terrace or in the campsite, this grill brings determines always delicious food on the table. That is, if then a socket in the vicinity. All in all, gave all testers from a buy rating, even if the family a little bigger fails. The cover ensures a uniform temperature, whereby all the food to be cooked can be served. So many guests can be entertained at the same time, which is another advantage of this grill.


conclusion guy This grill is a real alternative to charcoal grill. Because of course here no neighbor is bothered by smoke. It has an outstanding cover that cooks every food on the spot. Different heating zones on the grill, allow meat, vegetables and bread to grill simultaneously. Where the heating power can be measured precisely what ensures that nothing burns. Some testers would have preferred a hinge on the lid, but this was no point deduction. Difficult felt some testers handling with the lid, but with a little practice, this problem was solved. Some testers found the foot a little shaky, even with a flat surface. However, this amazingly stopped but then very good, even at higher loads. All in all, all testers with the grill highly peace.

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