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Review: Steba VG 300 Electric Grill


Optics and Stand

DC one thing first: The electric barbecue Hood Grill VG 300 from Steba has absolutely convinced us in our test in almost all respects. He has a nice shape and an elegant design - is perhaps also rather secondary for a barbecue.Nevertheless, we want to also mention briefly, because often are true friends BBQ also true aesthetes, especially when it relates to their garden, its terrace or its balcony. A shabby Grill would interfere with the overall appearance of something, he may still achieve good results. In this electric grill you can however be sure that he makes on every floor a good figure. He can either be placed on a stand-foot, or without foot, on an appropriate work surface or table. The foot itself consists of only one leg, which appears slim and almost filigree. Nevertheless, is the grill it extremely safe due to the five star-shaped, actual feet.The proportions of the electric grill plate and the matching hood act shapely and classy. For this, the whole device is held in an elegant matte black, which the elegance still emphasizes.  

The technique

Our main focus in the test in terms of technological content was of course the grill itself. Finally, this is the heart of an electric grills. You should be simple, but can nevertheless temper optimally - and the most variable, so you can maintain their own personal BBQ style also and always achieves the desired results. When Steba VG 300 Barbecue Hood grill all our high expectations were also in this regard in meets test completely.Especially the continuous regulation of the temperature worked even at continuous operation and excellent - more importantly - in always constant power. Fluctuations in this area you can for the best results when grilling not allow if you do not want all the time to stand by. But even here the manufacturer has done everything right and installed a heating element worthy of the name and qualitatively convincing. Especially was also thought the Steba VG 300 installed and an integrated heating element for rapid heating and particularly high grill temperature. With the built-in temperature indicator light and comfortable-to-use thermostat of electric barbecue is then incredibly easy to use. Single - small - flaw here: The continuous controller is indeed extremely robust and really set easily, it is only a few centimeters from the heated grill plate away. With a beer too much at the garden party, the grill master fingers could there ever burn. But that belongs to eventually.  


As mentioned above, the tripod foot can easily easily and naturally without tools and makes the Standgrill within few handles a practical table grill. This is definitely a significant advantage compared to other devices in which it is either impossible or more difficult doable. Again, the manufacturer Steba really thought along with the consumer.The Thermo Insulated handles are also positively highlighted. In the test we tried that and were able to raise the grill during the high operation at high temperature without any problem and also to hold. One of the main features at a barbecue, to which one usually thinks only after the purchase and first use, the subsequent purification of the device. And on this point could convince us in the test of Steba VG 300 Barbecue Hood Grill. Although none afterward gladly makes clean - certainly not a barbecue - this was so easy and fast at this BBQ done, that it has almost been fun. The griddle is easy to remove and can just as comfortable as a plate under the tap thanks not too sprawling size are cleaned in the sink. The coating of the grill plate is non-stick coating and is otherwise made of a robust aluminum diecast. Effluent fat from the grilled food runs conveniently directly into a drip tray from and does not take the edges or cracks on the sides of the grill plate firmly and burns there a. Also this dish can be easily cleaned. The same goes for the cover, if this has been used.  

Grill results

The most important of course, were also in our test results when grilling. Especially, we have ensured itself of authenticity, because the grill master of'old Schule' do something difficult to yes with the use of electric grills. But it must be said that an electric grill as the Steba VG 300 simply excellent and often better results than charcoal grills. Already When the device under test is primarily the uniform distribution of heat through the cast in the grill plate heating rods acts enormously positive effect on the result. The same is true for the continuous adjustment of temperature in conjunction with the warning light. Finally, one should also barbecues different barbecue food differently. With this grill you can adjust the result according to the individual needs and experience. The use of the grill hood does its part to achieve the perfect result. If the grill is closed with it, the air circulates and also bakes large items of food - for example, a whole chicken - crispy on all sides, without the juiciness is lost inside. Especially good for the taste is that the fat in the drip tray using the grill hood with heated and so mitzirkuliert inside the grill.


conclusion guyWe enjoyed Steba VG 300 Barbecue Hood Grill in test in all respects absolutely convinced. Especially its price / performance result is almost unquestionably good. It is practical, because it is to be used both as a grill as well as a tabletop grill, it looks elegant, makes at any garden party an enormously good figure and looks far more expensive when he actually is. Given its technical characteristics are convincing and the handling is easy, despite all the technical gadgets such as the thermostat and control lamp. Most, however, have convinced us the results. Sämtliches grilled food - steaks on whole chicken to vegetarian vegetable skewers could be perfectly prepared even without years of practice. The only drawback, which has this otherwise perfect electric grill is that its iron can absorb'only' grill food for 6 people at once. For larger garden parties but you can at that price just one more second to buy. Really makes you so sure it all.

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