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Review: Severin PG 1511 Barbecue grill electric

What you should know about the Severin PG 1511 Barbecue grill electric

Not a lot of space, a good performance and a small budget, with these three factors I have made myself on the search for an electric grill. Since I as a barbecue area have only a small balcony, a charcoal grill from the outset, excreted. Ultimately, after a long search and several compare, my choice fell on the Severin PG 1511 Barbecue Electric Grill. After I now have the electric grill Severin for half a year in use, can be found below my experiences with this electric grill.  

The equipment from Severin Electric Grill

Fully made of plastic is the basic design of the electric grill. The other components such as heating coil, drip tray and grill are, and in some cases chromed metal. gets hot very quickly and especially the electric grill, so this comes down to a power of 2300 watts. Long waits at the BBQ, are in this grill as it turned relatively quickly, not the case.For the operation of the electric grill, a 230 Volt power connection is necessary. To connect to the socket, the electric grill is equipped with a connecting cable. In my case the connection cable has passed to the nearest outlet. Due but the length and depending on the location of the outlet, but an extension cord may be necessary. So you can use the electric grill limited. Taken overall, the electric grill from Serverin very easy to assemble and especially, he is sure. For me, the electric grill is always on a small table. By stable and very wide feet while electric grill a stability is guaranteed. Especially if there are children or animals as is the case for me to stay close to me, this was not unimportant.  

Very good performance from the electric grill

Although the dimensions of the electric grill are not as large, has the electric grill with its barbecue area a lot of space for steaks, sausages or fish. Made possible by the large grill area of 37 x 23 cm. The temperature in the electric grill is easy to set in various stages via a rotary knob. So you can adjust the heat when electric grill always exactly the respective grilled food. Also you can heat delay the grilling process through the various stages and the rotary knob. With this function but you can also keep warm his food to be grilled. Is Severin electric grill in operation, the operation is indicated by a warning light. But the security is in the use of the electric grill Severin is guaranteed. Den so the electric grill is equipped with a safety switch. This automatically switches off when overheating, but also in removal from the heating element. But the electric grill itself is very safe. As already mentioned, the stability during electric grill is very good. Good but also the heat dissipation in electric grill. The by the dissipation of heat, except the cooking area of the electric grill is not hot. Thus there is no danger that one for example can burn the electric grill itself. This enables operation from Severin electric grill is very safe.  

My findings barbecuing

Why me the electric grill has convinced the purchase, I have already described. But how good is actually an electric barbecue, you notice only when you first arrive thus grilling. A total of Severin electric grill in the handling is very simple, this applies both to the formation, as well as the operation. By setting at the temperature, one can perfectly control the cooking time when electric grill. But in addition to these advantages, the electric grill, I have found a big disadvantage. This drawback relates to the construction of the electric grill, the latter is not equipped with a windshield. Just when you grill steaks or sausages, the barbecue smoke, but also the fat spots spread very uncontrolled. Although one can develop from the smoke when electric grill thereby reducing, in which one fills the Auffwangwanne with water. Even the electric grill is also missing thus a protection against wind and debris.Especially when the site electric grill, you have to be aware of these circumstances. I have found, for example, first, the grill against the wall on my balcony. But after a few minutes, I changed the location due to the findings already mentioned again.  

Very easy cleaning is possible

Very positive when electric grill is its easy cleaning, as I learned after the first grilling. So you can at Severin electric grill both the grating is chrome, as well as remove the drip tray and ultimately the heating coil. This one can remove the individual component in electric grill, you can this very easy to clean. is favored easy cleaning grilled by the materials that were used. So there are the parts such as the grate and the drip pan of metal. The basic structure of the electric grill made of sturdy plastic. By the materials can be cleaned with warm water and detergent to electric grill easy. Even a grill cleaner I've ever need to use nocht nich when cleaning the electric grill.  

Easy to use from electric grill

With its dimensions of 43.4 x 48.2 x 10.3 cm of electric barbecue is very compact. Due to the material of the electric grill is made is, this is also very light in weight with 1.9 kg. By the dimensions and weight can be very easy to transport the electric grill. Although the electric grill is not equipped with transport crickets. Its advantages during transport and in weight, but also apply to the store from the grill. So this fits in a small closet on the balcony with me. Thus I have the electric grill out of the way and it does not block the balcony with me.


conclusion guyA high power, compact in size and very low in price, these three factors have led me to me to decide to purchase this electric grill. The electric grill has still not let me down, although there are drawbacks due to the construction. So Severin electric grill is not equipped with a windscreen, this makes the grilling noticeable. Very positive when electric grill is its large cooking surface and the adjustment of the temperature. Although the electric grill is very low, did not save on safety. So the electric grill is equipped with a safety switch which prevents overheating. Due to the construction of the electric grill, this is not heated to too. Accordingly, one can at the electric grill does not burn. Overall, I would recommend the electric grill because of its characteristics.

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