Enders 81496 Baltimore Gas Grill

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Review: Enders 81496 Baltimore Gas Grill


The Baltimore Grill in Test

The Enders 81496 Baltimore Gas Grill convinced the test already at first glance by its appealing design. The side tables are made of steel and encased in precious wood. The stable and massive frame made of powder steel includes a large wooden tray. The gas grill Baltimore is equipped with a grill hood with thermometer. This shapely Gas Grill offers with its generous side shelves and the integrated hook plenty of space for the barbecue utensils.  

Direct grilling with optical Schick

The Enders 81496 Baltimore Gas Grill was prepared by the manufacturer very visually appealing. This Grillwagen the user can can grill as normal and enjoy it a little comfort. The Grill Master has his delight at this gas grill, because it is something very special. The grill cart is decorated in the colors of silver, black and wood. These color combinations determine the beautiful design and let the gas grill at every barbecue a real eye-catcher. The shelves and the frames are made in silver and the grille itself is black. The wooden elements can be seen on the sides of the shelves. This unit of Enders was evaluated in the test as a modern and technically advanced. The Enders 81496 Baltimore Gas Grill has two wheels which allow easy transport. The car for grilling is therefore very flexible and can be transported back and forth. It is thanks to the wheels very flexible placeable and can be driven with ease in the shed or in the garage.  

Inexpensive Barbecue

The gas grill car offers enough space for the required gas bottle. The gas allows an inexpensive and rapid grilling, as with a charcoal grill. The grill can be easily and rapidly heated and the temperature is kept constant. A gas bottle can be used for multiple applications. Grilling with gas is environment-friendly and saves money. The empty gas cylinder can be replaced by the user himself. The operation of the grill is very easy because to explain the controls themselves and are clearly visible on the grill.  

Comfort with extras

The barbecue is indeed free of gimmicks, but still has some little extras. A little comfort should finally be present at every gas grill. The Enders 81496 Baltimore Grill Cart is equipped with two practical shelves. Left and right from the grill can up some accessories are stored. Sauces and barbecue utensils are therefore always at hand. The grilled food is within reach and can be placed immediately. The grill has an area of 42 x 47 centimeters and provides enough space for delicious grilled food. The overall dimensions of the grill carriage amount to 114 x 57 x 106Zentimeter. The high-quality finish Grillwagen is provided with a lid. This is a thermometer is for accurate temperature control. The grates are enamelled and thus the purification of gas grills is very simple, because the rust will not stick as much of the food. In addition, the enamel coating helps to evenly distribute the heat. The grids can be cleaned with a soft sponge to the end of cooking. The grill cart has two burners, which have an output of 2 x 3.5 kilowatts. The burner can be switched separately from each other. On the shelves there are still a small practical now. On the one hand small hooks are attached. At this the Grillbesteck can be fixed. Thus the barbecue equipment is always at hand and easy to find at the same place.  

Technical specifications

The Baltimore Gas Grill has an output of 2 x 3.5 kilowatts and is equipped with an enamelled grate, which is divided into two parts, equipped. This grate ensures an even heat distribution and easy cleaning. The convincing grill surface is 42 x 47 centimeters. The Aufbaumaß the Enders grill measures in width 114 cm, in the depth of 57 and 106 centimeters in height. The gas grill is made with a battery lots piezo ignition in control button in operation and allows safe, reliable ignition. Further features of the grill two practical side tables. The chrome-plated warming rack has the dimensions of 45 x 13 centimeters. The working height of 81 centimeters allows a back-friendly barbecues. The stable hood has a built-in thermometer. Two infinitely adjustable Cast burners offer a powerful direct and indirect grilling with gas. The flame covers provide security and protect the burner and optimize heat distribution. Two useful outdoor wheels make the trolley barbecue mobile and ensure a comfortable and easy relocation.


conclusion guyWith the lockable cover of Baltimore Gas Grill Grill the temperature can be regulated. In addition, the grill has a fat collection and a detachable grill plate. The integrated Grillwagen and high quality grill grate made of cast iron possess excellent heat storage capacity. By practical wheels of the grill can be easily transported. The two side tables provide a large enough storage space. The cooking temperature can be adjusted. The integrated thermometer monitors the internal temperature of the food being grilled. The warming rack will not cool as quickly finished grilling. Additional storage spaces are available. With the Baltimore 81496 direct grilling and indirect grilling is possible. The Enders 81496 Baltimore Gas Grill has numerous advantages and a purchase is worthwhile in any case.

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