Broilmaster BBQG10DE BBQ Gas Grill

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Review: Broilmaster BBQG10DE BBQ Gas Grill

What you should know about the Broilmaster BBQG10DE BBQ Gas Grill

The Broilmaster BBQG10DE BBQ gas grill is one of the particularly large models of BBQ gas grills. With its dimensions of 128 x 97 x 53 cm it needs enough space. The weight of Broilmaster BBQG10DE BBQ gas grill is about 40 kilograms. Of Broilmaster BBQG10DE BBQ gas grill is supplied in undeveloped state. It is delivered in a transport-safe packaging. The structure, however, is plausible explained by the well-described and illustrated assembly guide and the screws are literate, so that the assembly is simple and easy to accomplish. The parts are very fit and relevant parts are also specially marked. The appearance of Broilmaster BBQG10DE BBQ gas grill is a very classy, very robust and so it looks like a real professional barbecue. There is hardly anything that the Broilmaster BBQG10DE BBQ gas grill can not.

Features of Broilmaster BBQG10DE BBQ Gas Grill

Fitted is the Broilmaster BBQG09DE gas grill with four main burners and a side burner. The heat of each individual burner can be controlled individually in this. Each burner has a total output of 8500 BTU, so that the overall performance of Broilmaster BBQG10DE BBQ gas grill in total 34000 BTU is. This corresponds to an output of about 10 kW. The side burner can, while the main burner cook the barbecue food, the same time to prepare sauces or other inserts in the recessed built-hotplate. He has a power output of 7800 BTU again, which corresponds to a power of 2.3 kW. The burner can imparted piezo ignition ignite easily and conveniently by a simple rotational movement of the rotary knob. Here, each burner can be ignited separately and adjusted by the knob. This not only provides a high simplicity but can hereby also save gas. Also integrated four flame dampers. By this, the heat in Broilmaster BBQG10DE BBQ gas grill can be regulated separately. They offer the preparation of particularly tasty grilled food. The lockable cover provides an integrated thermometer and allows particularly gentle cooking of each food to be grilled. The integrated thermometer the fermentation can also be perfectly regulated. The thermometer shows every temperature change meticulously closely. In addition, the cover in the closed state can also be used as a further working surface.

Additional features

The cooking area has pleasant dimensions of 65.5 x 35.5 cm, so that it has enough space for the food. The heat-retaining surfaces also offer an area of 56.5 x 21 cm, so that here is enough space to some accommodate and is very suitable for any barbecue party with several people. The side surfaces provide enough space for easy food preparation and for storage of finished dishes. Also a grease tank was thought. Herein, the fat can be not only good but also not collected spill. In addition, this can be easily extracted for easy and thorough cleaning. Other features of the Broilmaster BBQG10DE BBQ gas grill include enamelled cooking grates and warming racks.The Emallierung provides a particularly simple cleaning. Use may be made at Broilmaster BBQG10DE BBQ gas grill in addition a rotisserie, which is not included. However, when using the rotisserie apparatus hevorragende Grill results can be achieved. Furthermore, the equipped Broilmaster BBQG10DE BBQ is gas grill with integrated ventilation slots, which offer a better internal air and heat circulation. Under the grill itself provides enough storage space for the gas bottle.


The lid and the gas burners made of stainless steel. The substructure and the side tables are made of painted steel.The painted steel provides a very easy and simple cleaning of the side surfaces. The Broilmaster BBQG10DE BBQ gas grill provides easy transportation by the 4 wheels. For a stable stand two of the four wheels are equipped with a lockable brake. Hardly any other gas grill provides the base metal doors for the safe connection of the gas cylinder. In addition, he has in the lower part also has room for a trash can, so that you can sit right dispose the waste disposal during grilling. Of course, the storage space can be used in the lower part for other barbecue utensils.


conclusion guyThe Broilmaster BBQG10DE BBQ gas grill convinces with its noble and robust design and its excellent processing. For a particularly flexible way of working, he is simply the best. The uniform heat generation inside the Broilmaster BBQG10DE BBQ gas grill makes for excellent grilling results. Moreover, it offers a very good value for money and can compete fully with expensive gas grills. The particular advantages of Broilmaster BBQG10DE BBQ gas grill include its excellent performance, its great handling, outstanding engineering and also the offered high power and especially the cheap Price. the very well described and illustrated assembly guide as well as the identification of relevant parts of the structure is quick and easy by hand.After assembly of the grill makes a solid, stable and a very sophisticated look. The use of materials such as stainless steel and painted steel make cleaning up the Broilmaster BBQG10DE BBQ gas grill easily. Similarly emallierten cooking grates and warming racks can be very well cleaned by the Emallierung. Spotted also has the grease tank, which makes a spill over of the fat and can be impossible which also easily removed and cleaned.

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