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Review: Broilmaster BBQG09DE BBQ Gas Grill


The Broilmaster BBQ gas grill 4 Test

Even at first glance the Broilmaster BBQG09DE BBQ gas grill stands out because of its compelling size. Four main burners and a side burner provide an excellent surface for grilling and simultaneous preparation of sauces and other side dishes. Also under the grill there is a large storage space, find excellent place in the grill Utensilen. The grill has a lid which is equipped with an integrated thermometer. With its dimensions of 128 x 97 x 53 centimeters, the grill also acts optically in the garden or on the terrace excellent. The color options are elegant black or professional-looking silver to choose from. The working height of the grill is 80 centimeters.  

Construction of the grill

The grill is supplied as a kit for self-assembly. The structure is simple to hand de supplied instructions and can be performed by people with no experience. One should be about one hour to the grill together designed to bauen.Leichter work if a second person is willing to hold the side panels. Pitching should have a hand screwdriver have at hand. Then you need to join only the gas bottle and you're ready for grilling. The device is suitable for butane, propane and LPG gas. The grill has two fixed legs and two sturdy wheels. In this way, the grill can be easily moved from one place to another.  

Operation of Broilmaster BBQ Gas Grill

The gas grill BBQG09DE is equipped with many elements that facilitate the crickets. In all four internal formers of the device, the temperature can be regulated individually. In this way you have the possibility to cook food simultaneously at different temperatures. Thus, different grilled food are prepared at the same time. Each of the four burners has an output of 8,500 BTU, which corresponds to about 2.5 kW. With this line the grill surface will rapidly heated and it can effortlessly high temperatures are achieved. To succeed especially those grill recipes perfectly, making a sharp burning necessary. The side burner is independently alongside the main burners and is accessible even when the lid is closed. Also includes the side burner with 7,800 BTU to a high performance. Does not need to the side burner, it can be closed with a separate cover plate and used as a work surface. On the other hand, a work and storage area is also mounted. The lid of the device can be closed easily and offers the opportunity to grill food in a very careful manner. The built lid thermometer, one can control the temperature from outside without having to open the lid. The temperature display proved in testing to be extremely accurate. When the gas grill, there is only a low smoke, so that even with closely spaced gardens of the neighbors hardly smoke nuisance arises.  

Easy operation ensures carefree barbecue pleasure

In the test, the simple method of operation of the grill has been praised as a particularly practical. Even when igniting the gas grills practical piezo ignition provides excellent services. By a simple rotation of the round knob of the burner is ignited. Each burner, including the burner side, is turned off with its own ignition, so that the individual burners can be ignited independently. At the same buttons, the flame can be adjusted continuously to the desired heat. The piezoelectric ignition is not only practical, but also contributes significantly to the safety of operation of the grill remains. The individual adjustment possibility of the individual burners also helps to save gas, because you do not have to heat the entire grill surface with little food to be grilled.  

Practical Accessories

The excellent accessories that comes with the grill, was evaluated in the test very well. It is supplied with a stable cooking grate, which is placed over the burner. Also gives a warming rack and a deep fat collection tray that can accommodate a large volume and is particularly easy to empty. The grease container can also be cleaned very easily, which was also noted positive.  

Using the BBQG09DE BBQ gas grill from Broilmaster

When grill test the BBQG09DE BBQ gas grill from Broilmaster showed excellent. The burners generate high temperature, which makes it possible to grill steaks perfectly, through the enamelled grill grate created thereby on the flesh popular pattern associated for many barbecue enthusiasts to correct BBQ. At the same time, you can set another burner to a lower temperature and at the same time sensitive to temperature barbecuing as hang example poultry. While, high temperatures are required in this grille method that is also called direct grilling, you need the gentle indirect grilling a sealable lid and burner which allows cooking on low temperatures. Also for the BBQG09DE BBQ gas grill from Broilmaster is well equipped. The grill also allows completely turn off the middle burner, since each burner can be individually regulated. In this way the grilled food is not directly on the flame special benefits only on the temperature distribution inside the closed grill. Special air slots, which are incorporated in the cover, thereby guaranteeing a particularly good air distribution. The practical Grill also offers the possibility to combine both methods together Grill. Thus, a roast, fry crispy brown example on full flame and then subsequently cooked on low heat with the lid closed slowly juicy. The flexibility of the grille, which contributes to a wide variety in the use, has impressed the testers. The size of the grill and the quick Aufhitzen make it possible, a larger group of people quickly to use the grill.Therefore, the device is classified as excellent barbecue for the party.

Price-performance ratio

The value for money aback at the BBQG09DE BBQ gas grill of Broiler Master. suitable The big unit with five independent burners to in order to achieve superior grilling results. Visually, it can compete with the large grills.Totzdem it is located in the lower price of gas grills.


conclusion guyWith an excellent price-performance ratio of the Grill offers versatility and performs all its functions in an excellent manner. A solid construction good quality materials contribute to the longevity of the device. For anyone who likes to grill in the summer in the garden, and the possibility even want to try more than just sausages and steaks, the BBQG09DE BBQ gas grill of Broiler Master is an excellent buy, at which one has for a long time pleasure.

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