BBQ Grill Chef 11282 Charcoal Grill

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Includes windscreen Yes
working height 95.5 cm
wheels No
Grate adjustable in height Yes

Review: BBQ Chef BBQ charcoal grill 11282


What you should know about the BBQ Chef BBQ charcoal grill 11282

With the Grill Chef BBQ Grill 11282 funnel Inox grilling is celebrated. The grill is a device for beginners and advanced. The brand manufacturers Grill Chef offers here a copy from the series in a complete stainless steel. This stainless steel makes the barbecue of course beautifully designed. The shiny material looks classy and is keeping up with the usual detergents in good shape. Grillchef naturally offers a warranty on the BBQ Chef BBQ Grill 11282 funnel Inox. So you can be sure, if something should be to be able to contact the manufacturer.  

With the Grill Chef BBQ Grill funnel private and commercial points.

This grill has a large cooking surface with a chrome grill. It is ideal for home use. You can quickly and easily prepare the Grill tasty barbecue. Here, the grilling must not be limited to sausages and steaks. This rather classic grilling is increasingly being replaced by new and unusual grilled dishes. Have you ever seen a chicken and fulfilling on the grill? This is the Grill Chef BBQ Grill 11282 funnel Inox a delight. You can see the chicken as it is nicely browned.With a great marinade, for example, with mango and curry in it you will get a wonderful dish. Your guests will be very proud of you and eat with pleasure the cock.  

commercial use

For the intellectual needs of the grill boss is also super useful. Due to the large rust spots can also be obtained in quantity. You can then prepare large quantities of sausages and steaks for the sale and thus cover the tips. Today in selling sausages and steaks from grill pans are often offered. This may yet nobody actually, these are much richer because the food to float in its own fat. Who does not like a nice over charcoal roasted bratwurst. Here the barbecue flavor only comes out really. but noted there are the fire protection regulations. Consult this from the owner of the place. However, a fire extinguisher should always be included with a barbecue. Regardless of the heating system, this is a provision under the German legislation. Unfortunately, this is often ignored and forgotten.  

Processing of BBQ Grill Chef 11282 Funnel Grill Inox

The Grill Chef Barbecue is processed perfectly. With its stainless steel version it is supplied without burrs. In order to prevent risk of injury here. The grill should he be edited with a mild detergent and temporarily with a polish so that always stays nice. These care products are available in drugstores and supermarkets as well as in stores. The chrome grill is equipped with wooden handles. It should be noted that this should be lubricated again. They can be water-resistant, these also paint it. However, these are not suitable to be applied directly on the grill. The heat take this damage.  

Ordinary drip tray

The grill is provided in the base with a drip tray. Here, the remaining ash can be easily removed. This is a very clean solution that is in many other grills dissolved poorly. They have a premium solution. The ash is then disposed of with household waste. can if you use only charcoal ashes but also on the organic waste will be passed and will then turn composted. The enameled coal grate is also robust and does not need to be cleaned separately. The heat development of rust always burning cleanly and remains extremely sanitized although once fat from fried food should drip onto the grate.  

Storage and installation of the grill

The Grill Chef BBQ Grill 11282 funnel Inox must be placed on a straight course. The Stand, make sure that the grill can not tip over. The base should therefore be firm and solid. In the garden of the grill can be set up on the lawn, a heat development can lead to burn the lawn. While this is unlikely does not benefit the ash pan with the ground connection, but can happen with long-term use. The grill is stored best in a garage or basement. Especially in winter, the barbecue should not stand outside to prevent weathering. To be continued enjoyment of the great BBQ Grill Chef.


conclusion guyThe Grill Chef BBQ Grill 11282 funnel Inox is geeinget for private and commercial and universally applicable. In a safe and dry Stand large amounts grilled food and also exceptional Bratstücke can be prepared.Through the classic shape and the stainless steel grill is also for decoration object on a terrace or balcony. In winter, the grill should be incorporated to protect the material from frost and ice. The discount Grill is worth a purchase and is ideal for friends of charcoal grilling. Just this audience standing on the flavor of this type of production is particularly comfortable with the grill. In the commercial sector the grilling with charcoal is to establish a favorable species, large quantities of food to be grilled, thereby promoting the income on the sale.

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