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Review: Activa 11993 Gas Grill

What you should know about the Activa 11993 Gas Grill

This time we have the Activa lava rock gas grill tested. Caveat: This grill is already more for true lovers and barbecue friends there also more than once to use on the single summer party in the home garden, the device, because it makes price, but also quantitatively and qualitatively more in the top league. Here you have a grill in front of him, the they acquire if you want to improve in this direction and you start to expect more of the fine art of grilling.Since it is a gas grill, you should also know what you are there at all doing, because a barbecue with a gas grill is how to cook with a gas stove: there are significant differences to the electronic version - or in the case of the grill - the grilling with charcoal. One should also be aware that the gas lines and connections must be regularly checked and maintained. Finally, there may be an oversight have fatal consequences. But who knows how to do it, who has the Activa lava rock gas grill, a highly professional unit in front of him, with whom he will have a lot of fun when grilling.

Optics, Distribution and Installation

Even purely visually Activa lava rock gas grill makes her a lot. Is it installed once he stands there as if sculpted in black stone and looks archaic and very modern at the same. The grill, which can be covered with a hood is centrally located in the middle. Directly below are two well-located between the fingers, large knobs for regulating the gas supply. To the right is a small work or storage tray. But to truly use these for parking or for preparing a certain amount of food to be grilled, it is a little on the small side for our taste. You might sufficient to there park his beer.Perhaps this was also intended by the manufacturer as well, finally heard a beer yes to and somewhere within reach, it must, after all, are at hand. Links from the central grill, there is a also operated with gas hob. This is not the greatest, but quite sufficient to heat the one or the other. Of course we had after delivery in the test the first grill once mounted. Now we have to say that we do have some training in such matters. It really is advisable in our opinion, if you are mounting in professional hands, that is to say: If you do not have a bit of manual skills, it leaves the rather a corresponding acquaintance with the necessary tools.Especially the wheeled base must be really good and solid fixed, because this is still quite delicate in contrast to the massive superstructure. If not for each screw is tight at exactly the right place, the barbecue can afterwards wiggle and / or not in the balance. But for real men who indeed more so buy yourself a barbecue, also not a problem but only an object should represent. Take a beer and 45 minutes, and the thing is like a one.


The Activa lava rock gas grill works in principle as follows: A gas burner heated from below the lava rocks that lie in the shell. So does another gas burner from the side. The heated lava stones replace conventional charcoal. Above that is the grill on which the food to be grilled is grilled by the heat of the stones. An important point in this structure is that the two gas burner continuously and especially can be regulated each individually adjusted. So you have the heat supply accurate control. That's when this Senior Grill also reacted perfectly and the manufacturer has done everything right. In addition, he has installed a thermometer as an additional control function and also to a sufficiently large viewing window in the hood was intended. Finally, the best control for an experienced grill master is still the direct eye contact with his grilled food! The only drawback that we had to complain: supplied were in our opinion, too little lava. This we were able to quickly and easily re-order. The main burner stainless steel sparked a power of 5.5 Kw, which is very neat and well suited for the dimensions of this grill. Additional 2.5 Kw brings even with the side burner. As I heard, of course, has also the hose of the gas supply via a built-in pressure reducer. The gas supply itself is at the BBQ doubly regulated. We have also taken course the entire gas system under the microscope and in our opinion it meets the applicable safety standards. The ignition of the burner is carried out easily and safely by piezoelectrics - everything right so. The material of the grill is coated and scratch-resistant and rustproof. Nevertheless, we advise you not to leave the entire season in the garden or on the terrace grill and suspend the weather. The best thing is it after use in the garage or a shelter. The grill and about Inappropriate Warmhalterost are enamelled and thus particularly heat resistant. This too is a significant advantage, live without the other manufacturers.

Grill Result

As already mentioned you should already somewhat familiar with the crickets, before going on so provides a professional barbecue. With a little practice and experience value with the gas burners, the results at the BBQ but just thanks to the lava stones are quite outstanding. Even large pieces of meat can be grilled just as perfect and to the point. Thanks to the hood moisture velvet taste circulating inside the grill and ensures true palate friends in Kenner.


conclusion guyAccording to our results in the test of Activa lava rock gas grill is well worth its investment when it only considers that it can be really fully exploited only by true barbecue friends. It is not something are for those who operate the barbecue alongside and half-hearted, but for those who are serious or on the way there. But whoever has done grilling at his declared hobby, will ascend to the Activa lava rock gas grill in a higher league and a lot of fun to experiment - and a little also on Specifying - have. He is also large enough to hold a garden party going and to amaze. So dear friends Grill - serve up some grub!

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