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Review: BOSCH Lawn Trimmer ART 26 SL


What you should know about the BOSCH Lawn Trimmer ART 26 SL

Lawn care is generally a topic that many garden owners actually the year concerned, or at least from spring to autumn. Who wants to have a particularly neat looking lawn, of course, this trims. After trimming the lawn can ultimately the difference between the ordinary neighbor turf and their own special" account lawn. With a normal lawn mower for that is not to create. Who has a lot of rocky sections and lawn edges in his garden and also some roots of previously removed trees and shrubs, which already requires a good lawn trimmer, so that he can achieve a good cutting. By BOSCH Lawn Trimmer ART 26 SL has a lawn trimmer that can just obtain a good lawn growth.Especially good is this Trimmer from Bosch when it comes to herbaceous nursery, you want to edit.  

The cutting system

Compared to previous models, BOSCH has developed for this trimmer a improved interface system with a semiautomatic coil. This cutting system is so strong that it can provide also eliminate irregularities in the garden and provide a good cutting. Thanksto this improved editing system, it is possible that a very good cutting quality can be achieved just as well where it is rocky or the soil provided with roots. And, of course, to the lawn edge brings this cutting system is a very good result. The average speed of this trimmer is 12.500 U / min. The cutting diameter is 26 cm, which allows them to use grass trimmer also at places where it is closely ever bit, such as on the wall or on a pond area.  

Powerful motor and low weight

The electric motor, which the BOSCH lawn trimmer ART 26 drives is full 280 watts strong. However, this does not affect the weight of, because it is here a lightweight engine which has a little weight. This ensures ultimately that the trimmer has a total of only about a weight of 1.8 kilos. This in turn means that the trimmer is very handy and is easy to carry. The grass trimmer in this case has a semi automatic thread setting at power-up, the yarn length of 4 m and the thread has a thickness of 1.6 mm. The semi automatic adjustment for the yarn, thus lengthening the thread is realized via a tip-speed automatic. In general, these elements ensure that the grass trimmer balanced Ballance can be achieved, which ultimately also has an influence on the sectional image. Thanksto the powerful motor, it is also possible to use the BOSCH lawn trimmer ART in wet grass or in places where the grass has grown slightly higher, for example, if a long time nothing more was taken in the garden under the lawn care.  

Quiet and good ergonomics

The noise level is bearable otherwise. He is 92 dB (A) what the neighbors should not interfere. Earmuffs must not carry the user for their own protection. can wear gardening gloves can, however, as this allows the ergonomics of the handle. This is designed such that slipping is not possible. It is namely a knob handle. The metal components of this trimmer are very stable and the shape is ergonomic. That is, it is not difficult to keep the device in his hand.Contortions are not necessary, so that you can work longer with the trimmer in the garden before, even if predamages as back pain when users are present.  

Less clutter

On the safety was also taken in the development of this grass trimmer by the manufacturer BOSCH. This device makes use of an cable holder into which the power cable can be suspended during use. That is during operation no cable is in the way, could be tripped upon. Overall, this trimmer has a size of 46.5 x 22.5 x 46.5 cm and is therefore very easy to transport and can bestored. Over the winter, he takes, for example in the shed or in the garden shed, basement or garage is not much space.  

Simple initial installation

Compared to other trimmers BOSCH ART 26 SL is very easy to assemble afterpurchase. Bosch has engineered the stringer system QuickClick. This makes it easy and especially toolless initial assembly. From fact that the device is in pieces in a box, so you have to frombuying not be deterred.


conclusion guy Thanksto the BOSCH Lawn Trimmer ART 26 SL trim is also larger lawns, but especially from corners, in which one does not come with the lawn mower, convenient and comfortable. By cutting system that is installed in the Trimmer, you get here is a very good cut and so a sizeable garden. The 12,500 rev / min ensure a fast, clean cut. Also because of the low weight and the corresponding light Händelbarkeit and the size of the purchase of this trimmer is certainly worth considering. For he who has not very space for winter storage of garden equipment, which is already thinking about whether he one or the other device actually procures itself. This makes lawn trimmers BOSCH lawn trim really fun. Theprice is also reasonable and the device therefore also something for garden owners with only a small budget.

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