WOLF-Garten FINESSE 30 R Grass shears

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Test report: WOLF-Garten FINESSE 30 R Grasschere

With the WOLF lawn shears FINESSE 30 R is a model on the market that is ideal for cutting lawns and especially the edges and inaccessible places to adapt very precisely to the already mowed lawn. Wolf is a brand manufacturer who has been known for many years for its high quality and uncompromising use of high quality materials. Thus, the WOLF lawn cutter FINESSE 30 R is delivered directly with a manufacturing guarantee. 

Delivery and delivery

The WOLF garden lawn scissor FINESSE 30 R is delivered in a carton. It is safely packaged in it and can also be stored with this cardboard after use. Included in the carton is the lawn shears, including the cutting tool. You will also receive a user manual and the charger for the battery.  


After the WOLF-Lawn Lawnmower FINESSE 30 R has been fully charged with the charger, this only takes a short time, the garden shears is ready for operation. It has therefore been manufactured directly by the manufacturer ready to run. Even the shear blades are already mounted on the lawn shears ready for operation. It can go directly.  

Lawn cutting - first steps

To cut the lawn evenly requires a little practice. The WOLF-Lawn Lawnmower FINESSE 30 R is a scissor which is used freehand. This means that there is no guide, but cutting is carried out at the points of the choice as desired with the scissors. Make sure that the hand should guide the scissors straight straight to get the best results.  

Safety aspects

The WOLF lawn cutter FINESSE 30 R is a device with an open cutting tool. There is no protection device attached so that best results can be achieved and can also be seen well where you cut at the end. Therefore the scissors for children is absolutely not suitable. The scissors should only be used by adults with appropriate experience.Improper handling may result in injury. Please never reach into the front of the scissors. Only a fully cut-off scissors should be cleaned, never open the scissors, if any faults occur, please consult a specialist dealer. This is specially designed.  

Cleaning and care

The lawn shears are easy to maintain. After use, the WOLF lawn mower FINESSE 30 R should always be switched off. Only then is a cleaning to be carried out. Remove all plant residues and clean the scissors with a damp cloth if necessary. After that, everything is usually already finished and the scissors can return to their packaging. There she is safely kept and awaits her next assignment. Due to the built-in high-performance rechargeable battery, the scissors do not have to be reloaded immediately after each use, up to 800 scissors inserts are possible with a battery charge.


Conclusion guy With the WOLF lawn shears FINESSE 30 R you get a lawn shears with electric drive. The power is supplied by a rechargeable battery which can be charged using the supplied charging unit. The scissors is easy to use by adults and is simple in function. The high-quality device is ideal for a small to medium-sized garden as well as for the commercial sector.

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