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Test report: Ryobi OGS1821 Grasscutter

Successful combination of functionality and design

Ryobi OGS1821 18V One Plus cordless grass and shrub shears is the ideal gardening tool for ambitious amateur gardeners. The knife holder, which allows you to replace the knife without tools, makes the device a kind of multifunctional tool. Whether you want to cut the lawn or prune hedges and shrubs, with this handy battery you always have the right device in your hand. The look of the device is modern and stylish. The fresh green of the Ryobi OGS1821 18V One Plus cordless grass and shrub shears makes a good mood when cutting.  

Performance and handling

The cutting performance of the device is convincing by its outstanding strength and endurance. With the battery inserted, the device is very balanced in the hand, which means that the wrist can be protected and can be cut precisely. Good to cut are grass, hedgehogs, small shrubs, perennials, fern stalks and more. Cutting finger thicknesses is no problem for the device. Compared to other devices of this performance class, the weight is low, which makes it possible to work with it longer without fatigue.  


The grip surfaces are rubberized (grip zone) and ensure a secure hold and comfortable working. The device can not slip so easily from the hand, if one with the scissors times inadvertently against an obstacle pushes or stuck to something. The grass and shrub shears are equipped with a safety switch with a switch-on lock so that they can not be accidentally switched on. This gives you absolute control over the unit.  

Convenient and quick tool change

You know that. Quickly you would like to change the tool, because for example a ridge edge interferes, although you actually just a shrub is stuck and already the request for the Allen key or similar tool. To switch from hedge shears to pruners (or vice versa) you do not need a tool with this cord grass and shrub shears. The scissors exchange takes place in a few seconds and is done quickly with a few handgrips.  

Battery and charger

The battery and rechargeable battery are NOT included in the package and should be ordered at the time of order.The batteries are offered in various power levels. If you want to work a lot in the garden, you should get a stronger battery and / or think about buying a second one. Thus one can be charged while the other is in use. The more powerful battery with 4 Ah holds loose over two hours of cutting work through.  

Technical specifications

The Ryobi OGS1821 18V One Plus cordless grass and shrub shears has an output of 18V. While the cutting length of the grass shears is 10cm, the scissor shears is 20cm. The cutting thickness of the shrub shears is 8mm (finger thickness). The weight of the grass shears is 0.9kg and that of the shrub shears 1.2kg. For this purpose, the weight of the battery and the device should be taken into account, which in combination is 1.4kg. Thus you get, depending on the inserted cutting shears together just on 2.3kg or 2.6kg. The dimensions of the device (without scissors) are 7.4 x 11.9 x 40.8 cm. The handy size of the device is therefore not only pleasant to work, but also facilitates stowing, since it requires little space.


Conclusion guy Thanks to the two cutting functions, the device is in an excellent price-performance ratio. The pleasant working, the good and visually beautiful processing of the Ryobi OGS1821 18V One Plus cordless grass and shrub shears makes working in your own garden a pleasure. The safety requirements of the device are met by the safety switch and the rubberized handles, which makes the handling safe. The work performance of the device is convincing and the shears cut grass, branches and shrubs excellent. The total weight is comparatively low, so that you do not tire quickly when working. All in all, an excellent device, which holds what it promises.

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