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Review: TomTom XL 2 IQ Routes Edition navigation device

With the TomTom XL 2 IQ Routes Edition navigation device, you purchase a branded device from this manufacturer.TomTom has long experience in the production and manufacture of these devices. Of course, a factory warranty is given to the device. The scope of supply consists of the device and a power cord. The charge of the TomTom XL 2 IQ Routes Edition navigation device is via the power or via the cigarette lighter.


With IQ Routes, the TomTom XL 2 IQ Routes Edition navigation device always calculates the most clever route, even taking into account congestion and construction sites. The menu is simple and clear. So that the driver does not have to look so much on the navi and nevertheless everything happens, a voice output is made using Text to Speech, a system from TomTom.  

Current map material with 19 preinstalled countries

On the TomTom XL² IQ Routes Edition Central Europe maps were automatically installed for 19 different countries.The TomTom XL 2 IQ Routes Edition navigation device guides you safely through these countries and also knows the streets. Countries in detail are: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, San Marino, Vatican City, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, France, Monaco, Slovenia and Malta. Because the device may not be up-to-date after purchase, TomTom will offer a free update for 30 days after device activation. For this, the navi must be connected to the Internet by means of the software. You will get an ID which then allows the card update. Caution is necessary here for used devices, it must then a paid update be made.  

Menu navigation and assistants

The TomTom XL 2 IQ Routes Edition navigation device is equipped with a simple guide through the menu. This is easy to use and offers even the layman the possibility to safely reach the goal. The Navi is ready to go. It just has to be connected, simply programmed and the ride can start. It has large keys and has easy to understand instructions on the device. With the built-in wizard for lanes will be displayed at all times sure which track is to be used, this is very practical in city traffic and intersections.  

Help menu

For some questions the menu helps. The help is as simple as the whole Navi. All questions can be answered directly. The emergency call numbers and their addresses can also be accessed via the menu. These are, for example, police and hospitals. Even here, the Text to Speech System is a great addition. The street names and all other relevant topics are announced.  

Backup and updates

The TomTom XL 2 IQ Routes Edition navigation device is connected to the system using the TomTom Home software. The manufacturer provides free and paid updates. The free ones can be called up for a lifetime. A payment step must first be carried out for the paid updates. However, these updates are not absolutely necessary.  

Installation in the car

The TomTom XL 2 IQ Routes Edition navigation device is easily installed in the car. A holder is included in the delivery. This can be easily attached to each disc. The front windscreen is therefore very useful for navigation. In case of a longer stop, the Navi can be removed so that no theft occurs. Make sure to include the Navi in the fcc insurance and hedge these damages with. To install a cable is still there. This is optionally connected to the cigarette lighter to provide the necessary current.Alternatively, the Navi can also be loaded well at home. Due to the Text to Speech equipment, the device does not have to be installed at eye level, the announcement is sufficient for driving.  


With a TomTom Navi, you acquire a device from the market leader. Therefore it is easy to bring the device back into the market. From the current point of view, the device always has a good to very good resale value. It is offered via different portals and at the same time pleasant prices. At the same time, we are sure that you will only be able to do without this navi. The TomTom XL 2 IQ Routes Edition navigation device is also a great gift. There are some great events like driving license or a new vehicle.


Conclusion guy With the TomTom XL 2 IQ Routes Edition navigation device, you acquire a quality product from this brand manufacturer. It is suitable for all motor vehicles and also trucks. The best route is always clean and uniform.Particular attention is paid to the latest traffic information. Here, you will automatically pay attention and offer an alternative route. The Navi is quickly installed and almost maintenance-free. They do not require further funds to the Navi to operate. The operation of the device is simple and can tomtom XL IQ Routes Edition 2 navigation device are themselves well performed by amateurs.In particular, the menu guide should be emphasized. This is fast and self-explanatory. It is a really recommended device.

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