Multistore 2002 aluminum Polywood outdoor furniture

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Review: Multistore 2002 aluminum Polywood outdoor furniture

Comfortably sitting in the garden, dream about gardening enthusiasts when the time and work permits. Since this situation very rarely occurs, then a lot of emphasis is placed on that the seating is very comfortable. Therefore, the multi-gates were developed in 2002 aluminum Polywoodoutdoor furniture and brought to market. These seats are sospecial because only high quality materials are used for the production. 

Place - where only?

Since the garden set consists of nine individual parts, more space is needed slightly. But only if the complete set is to be installed. Nevertheless, the table, with its product dimensions of 205 x 90 centimeters is not overly large. The chair size is 93 x 54 x 74 centimeters. Wherein the seat with 44 x 41 centimeters, is large enough. The seat height of a chair is 40 centimeters. Therefore, this is the table height of 74 centimeters fits ideally. To compensate for any unevenness, one side of the table is adjustable in height. The rollers, which are intended, the user can arbitrarily often up and down turn. Thus, the table is always set in a horizontal and stable position. The weight of a chair is 3.9 and the table 25 kilograms. Therefore, the user can transport the garden furniture unproblematic from A to B. Even when moving the table can be repeated as often this process. By the total weight will also prevent that the chairs and the table, are swirled by strong wind through the air.  

Practical and modern - yet

The Multistore 2002 aluminum Polywood outdoor furniture is both weatherproof and conscious. This means that all materials that are used for the preparation, add the environment to no harm. Therefore, the large table, sometimes even as a dining table, make its work force to the test. The frame from the garden table is made of aluminum. The table top is made of Polywood. The chairs from the garden set are made of a steel frame, this is double coated. In addition, two arms were attached to the chair. Through this, the user can bring the arms in a very comfortable position. The back and seat is made with a black elastic textile covering. Thus, the chairs can be optimally stacked. This in turn contributes to the winter storage to the fact that less space is required. All materials are therefore very robust and resistant. That is, sudden occurring rain or snow can not force to its knees, the garden furniture. In addition, the tabletop is decorated with a wooden stamp. Consequently, small impurities can be removed quickly and easily. The neutral colors such as black and anthracite, each modern garden lounge optimal fit. The seams on the frame are double vernähnt. Moreover, the textile covering is tensioned so that the user can sit comfortably.Nevertheless, this does not lose by four or five times sitting down the clamping force. Direct sunlight can the textile covering Add also no harm. The paint is therefore also not affected.  

Security - no problem

The fact that all corners and edges of table and chair have been adapted to the events of the votes,injuries can be ruled out. That is, edges are carefully sanded and the table corners are rounded. The textile covering has been working very closely. This ensures that the chair over the years can be used without incurring the cracks or holes.  

Cleaning - very easy

If the chairs to spend most of the year in the open air their time, it is inevitable that dust and dirt spread on the seat.To remove this, enough a damp cloth. So just wipe the seat and the chair is clean again. So also the frame of the table can be freed from dust.  

Easy to use - guaranteed

The Multistore 2002 aluminum Polywoodoutdoor furniture come well packed to the user. The chairs are immediately applicable. The table must be assembled. That takes more than 15 minutes to complete, no matter whether one is a professional craftsman, a housewife or a beginner.


conclusion guy The conclusion to the Multistore 2002 aluminum Polywood outdoor furniture is, these are ideal for daily use. The fact that the set consists of 9 parts, can perfectly take place a large family. Because even after years without traces can be seen, the price-performance ratio is perfect. All garden lovers who MultiStore 2002 aluminum Polywood outdoor furniture already in use are very satisfied.

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