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Review: BEST Cuba 98702306 garden furniture

For the terrace, we have new garden furniture needed. Buyer after a long search we selected the BEST Cuba 98702306 garden furniture. Why it became this garden furniture, you can just take this review as our experience with it.  

Reasons for BEST Cuba 98702306 garden furniture

Buyer of new garden furniture several points we were very important. So the garden furniture should have a pleasant seating behavior. In addition, the garden furniture should be sturdy and processed accordingly weatherproof. And ultimately, they should also provide sufficient space. In the garden furniture as well as the use possibilities convinced us. By processing these are not only for the garden. All these reasons have 98702306 garden furniture for BEST Cuba, for this reason we have decided exactly for this model. The purchase price is certainly not negligible in the garden furniture, ultimately we did definitely chose here for the quality.  

Processing of garden furniture from BEST Cuba

the BEST Cuba consist 98702306 garden furniture from two parts, namely a large lounge and a table. Although one can use the table due to its robust construction as a stool. The garden furniture is very well made, there is a basic structure stainless aluminum. The surface is here Ergotex. This material gives the garden furniture is not only their beautiful design, but is also characterized by several factors. So this is not only resistant to tearing, but also weather resistant. The garden furniture is equipped with cushions. The cushions are made here of a special foam. This not only ensures a pleasant seating behavior, but is also permeable to water. Due to this circumstance, the cushions can be used very well outdoors. The coating on all cushions is made of 100 percent polyester. The garden furniture is not only weather-resistant, but also UV-resistant.Because of their processing, the BEST Cuba 98702306 garden furniture can be used not only in the exterior but also the interior, ie in the apartment. The garden furniture come to a total weight of around 63 kg. Contrasting they are kept in a bright white and gray. The dimensions are in this case 159 x 87 x 65, the arm comes to a height of 65 cm and the backrest au 23 cm. The table comes in dimensions of 72 x 72 cm, at a table height of 43 cm.  

Handling the BEST Cuba 98702306 garden furniture

The handling of the BEST Cuba 98702306 garden furniture is very simple. This is due to the high quality of processing. By cushions sitting habits is very convenient for the garden furniture, this also applies if they leave you sitting times longer. We have now 98702306 garden furniture previously come the BEST Cuba for more than seven months in use, it is to no wear. Even the color adheres, here is noticeable that the garden furniture are UV resistant.  

Taking care of garden furniture

Basically, as already mentioned, the BEST Cuba 98702306 garden furniture weatherproof. Accordingly, they can also leave outdoors. This naturally raises the question of care, here we had quite our fears. But the surface of the garden furniture can be cleaned very well. Often enough here already water and a sponge completely out. The same applies to the cushions, here you can remove the coatings by an existing zip and wash. The maintenance of the garden furniture is therefore no problem at all.


conclusion guyVery solid made among other stainless aluminum are the BEST Cuba 98702306 garden furniture. The garden furniture impress with their surface and the associated benefits. So the garden furniture is characterized not only weather, but also UV-resistant. The garden furniture offer enough space for their size. This also applies to the table, which you could use as a stool and therefore as an extra seat when needed. For a good seat behavior shall inter alia cushions in the garden furniture.The cushions can the weather be exposed. Firstly, these are filled with a water-permeable foam, also can be the coating made of polyester, if necessary, simply wash. Generally, the care of the garden furniture is made simple, here is the good workmanship is noticeable. So you get any dirt away easily. A small smear on all garden furniture when there are weight, here they come to 63 kg. Just when you want to put away time or move the garden furniture, this weight is not as good. Nevertheless, our test result to the BEST Cuba 98702306 garden furniture falls out very well. We would buy these garden furniture at any time and can recommend this.

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