Patuoxun Thunderbird Wired Gaming Mouse

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Review: Patuoxun Thunderbird Wired Gaming Mouse

If you would like to order the Patuoxun Thunderbird Wired Gaming Mouse, you will receive an instruction manual, the programmable gaming mouse, the mini CD with the PC software and the weight magazine with eight weights.Already purely optically the mouse can make a good impression, because finally everything is processed clean.There are no protruding ridges and there are no sharp edges or corners. The cable of the gaming mouse was covered with fabric and there is a ferrite core just before the USB plug. There is a tension and strain relief at the point where the cable hits the mouse.Without problems the buttons can be pushed gently and the controls are easily accessible. The mouse can be moved easily on different surfaces and it is well placed in the hand. Illuminated are the front logo, the LED for the sensitivity and the mouse wheel. The colors of the two stripes and the logo can be adjusted as desired by the software. The illumination for the mouse wheel and the LED for the sensitivity can not be changed. The mouse has a total of eleven buttons. Eight weights are supplied and the weight is increased, a magazine can be attached to the bottom of the mouse.  


With the gaming mouse, the operation is relatively simple. It is absolutely sufficient for the commissioning when the mouse is plugged into the free USB port. From the PC, the mouse is recognized independently. In order for the functionality to be fully utilized, it makes sense to install the software from the mini-disk. It then simply appears as a symbol with the logo of the mouse. Two buttons are located under the mouse wheel to adjust the dpi number. This is the sensitivity of the mouse. The higher the sensitivity, the less the mouse moves. The mouse arrow is then easily controlled on the computer. The dpi number is reduced with the lower button and increased with the upper button. There is the sensitivity 4000 dpi with four LEDs, the 3200 dpi with three LEDs, the 1600 dpi with two LEDs, the 800 dpi with one LED and the 40 dpi with no LED.  

The buttons and the setting

Altogether there are eleven keys in the mouse and these are occupied by default. The right mouse button is for the context menu, the left mouse button is the OK button, then there is the mouse wheel for scrolling, in the upper left there is the double click, under the scroll wheel the dpi number can be set up and down with the button below will.Another key corresponds to the Alt key, one of the Ctrl key, one of the Shift key and lastly there is still forward and backward. If you want to make extensive settings on the mouse, this can be done with the included software. The assignment can be changed with each key. It can be macros, keyboard combinations, any keyboard keys, and prefabricated commands. The dpi rate, the polling rate, the double-clicking speed, the scrolling speed, the pointer speed and the acceleration can be changed.  

Important information about the gaming mouse

It is a special feature that the dpi rate can be adjusted continuously. The front light is adjustable for brightness, light frequency and light color. In principle, any light color can be selected. Profiles can be created and saved, and you can quickly switch between these profiles. The color of the mouse is generally black with red and the mouse has the largest 12 by 9 by 4.3 cm. The length of the cable is 1.85 meters and the interface is USB. The mouse is suitable for games and in the office and there are eleven buttons.


Conclusion guy Many buyers are absolutely satisfied with the mouse and therefore on Amazon average 4.6 out of 5 stars. Even if it is a gaming mouse, it is also suitable for the office area and delivers good results everywhere.The mouse is ergonomically shaped and even suitable for the larger hands. Depending on your needs, different DPI sensitivity levels can be set.The cable length is absolutely sufficient and there is nothing in the processing, optics and operation. The black mouse offers a rubberized surface and everything looks noble and high quality. The cable is sheathed and absolutely hard wearing. The scroll wheel can be moved easily and there is a small screen. The installation works very easily and it is detected via a free USB port. Everything is child-friendly and absolutely easy. The CD can be used for programming the buttons and for setting the LED lighting. The thumb and the ring finger rest are very pleasantly shaped and even I with my small hands has no problems with it. The mouse makes a well-processed impression. The buttons have a good pressure point and can be comfortably clicked.The material feels really good and it looks also class.

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