CSL TM137U Optical Gaming Mouse

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Review: CSL TM137U optical Gaming Mouse

It is a CSL office building, which offers an ergonomic and interesting design. The TM137U is a mouse that has an optical sensor and the design is designed for ergonomics. The mouse can be bribed by the very ergonomic, arm-friendly design and during the long work on the PC the buyers are supported. Especially for the long work on the PC the gaming mouse is thus suitable by the design. Anyone can think about buying the mouse if they want to play back games that do not require high precision and speed, and when a lot of time is spent on the PC. 

The optics, the software and the equipment

The mouse has been specifically designed to reduce the strain on the forearm and wrist. This can, among other things, prevent the mouse arm or the tennis arm. In a natural posture, the hand and arm are relieved during work.This is ensured by the fact that the CSL is raised by about 45 degrees. With the CSL there is the wireless and wire version and thus as the wireless and cable-bound solution. The USB mouse has a left and right mouse button, and a forward / back button for surfing the Internet. In addition, there is the dpi selector, where a sampling rate of 1000 to 1600 dpi can be set during operation. The mouse works on almost all surfaces and it works with the optical sensor. Due to its grippy surface, the mouse is perfectly handy and it is solidly processed.  

Important data about the TM137U

It is an optical USB mouse, which offers the vertical design. The model is very arm-friendly and offers UBS 2.0.There is the optical sensor and a high sensitivity compared to conventional optical mice. With the selector switch, the sampling rate is freely selectable and the sampling rates are 1000 to 1600dpi. On almost all surfaces a precise control works with the mouse. There are five acts and a scroll wheel. There is the right and left mouse button and the forward and back button provides a comfortable comfort during internet surfing. The scroll wheel and the buttons are easy to use and the cable has a length of about 1.5 meters. With the help of the mouse the possible tennis or mouse arm can be pre-selected. The mouse is a perfect choice for all surfers as well as for people who work on the computer for a very long time.The color of the mouse is black and compared to the conventional mice there is the improved handling. The ergonomic work is made simple with the mouse and the health stress during the longer work on the PC can be minimized. The vertical design of the TM137U gives it a neutral posture and offers high comfort. When working on the notebook or PC, the arm remains in a neutral, untwisted position. When working with the normal mouse, however, the arm is forced into the twisted posture. With the CSL mouse, the arm remains relaxed on the table, and as with the hand shake, the palms of the hands show each other.  

Important information about the CLS mouse

The vertical mouse makes the arm keep it in the relaxed posture as when shaking hands. In addition, the hand is still protected by the non-slip surface and the ergonomic design. In the mouse, the left and right mouse buttons, the forward / back button and the dpi selector are available. With the optical sensor, the vertical USB mouse can work with almost all surfaces with the highest precision. Not for nothing are given at Amazon 4.4 out of 5 stars, which is a good result. This is more than 300 reviews. Only a few customers complain about the mouse, and since there are always different reasons here, no negative peculiarity emerges. Of course, sometimes a model can be caught, which may have been perfectly processed. Reasons for a non-purchase are not available and the device can be exchanged free of charge.


Conclusion guy If a good ergonomic mouse is searched for, the model of CSL is a good quality at a small price. It is a clear purchase recommendation. The mouse is particularly suitable for all people who spend a lot of time at the computer. Long working is not a problem due to the hand-held attitude and the ergonomic design. The price-performance ratio of the mouse is good, the equipment is good and everything is neat processed. Only for gaming the mouse is less recommended, because there are also in the lower price class mice, which are more suited to playing with the PC.Even if the use in the work at the beginning is unfamiliar, everyone will be able to quickly find with the mouse.

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