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The Ultra Frame Pool Video

The Ultra Frame pool Intex is an innovative product and you can benefit from it. In this test Framepool showed how practical and simple this pool with its approximately 17,000 liters of water can be set up and allows the desired pool at a reasonable price. Framepool translates, is a pool which is built up with his foil in a safe setting and as simple as this principle seems at first glance, simple as well as for the user. The test showed how easy it is to fulfill its plans for a large pool in the garden.  

The test considerations for ULTRAFRAME System

Intex is manufacturer of swimming pool with a slide that is created in a 3-layer system. 3 films thus ensure security and the necessary leakage protection, also arises as toughness and durability. Creating strong film and the flexible material properties of this pool is easy to install. The innovative idea consists in the backbone or rather exceed the safe continued. The framework has a particular shape, which provides unique good qualities about their construction physics and simple is very robust. The construction itself also remains flexible and can be easily set up enough with a few simple steps. This has also been proven in the test and so simple and amazingly, this system is so durable it is, if only the whole structure is filled with water.  

Easy and safe handling when installing

Who would easily conjure up a pool in the garden, which is well served when INTEX Ultra Frame Pool. In the corresponding test showed exactly how the pieces of the frame structure are made. All individual pieces allowed for a smooth and rapid construction in the test. So the frame is put together quickly, the pool sheet is simply designed and the frame parts with locks is joined together. then If the pool is a design, you only have to let enter the water.This should put caution on the day and take it slow. Because you should follow the film with 3 layers again and again that has been done in the test exactly as manual and after some time the pool was filled. The filter system should also be connected naturally advance so that it already slowly fills up when filled with water. It's so easy and so easy and simple, it was also the test.  

The effective oasis in the garden

Intex this system provides for the rapid creation of an oasis in the garden. The oasis is created quickly and this system is more simple and effective. In the test it was also examined exactly what is offered in the package. The pool liner reaches 274 cm for a pool with dimensions of 132 cm / 549 x. The manufacturer guarantees a construction time of 60 minutes, even for the untrained artisans and having the test also proved. For filling is to say, which are 17,200 liters to achieve, but that is then the maximum filling. For film material, here the film showed particularly strong and the manufacturer fulfills the announcement of the delivery of an enhanced Super-touch material. This film is particularly strong due to their structure and thus preserved. The construction of the frame on the powder-coated metal supports provide the necessary stability, which also has the test proved, but should be provided for an oasis in the garden, the incorporation into the ground or with a wood sheathing. To empty, there is included a relief valve for manually drain the water. Also included is a very good sized sand filter system, which cleans about 4,500 liters of water per hour.  

The test shows that the customer gets a lot for your money:

  • Pool construction complete
  • Capacity 17,200 liters at 90% filling with water
  • Sand filter and pool ladder
  • Plane to cover
  • Building instructions
  • High-quality steel frame

The test gave an excellent performance for the ULTRA Framepool

The test has to prove that this concept comes up for an inexpensive pool with easy installation. It is very easy to install this pool with its 17,200 liters. This is the main advantage and then there's the price that will allow many to conjure its own large swimming pool in the garden. Outstanding in this system is the complete delivery, because everything is designed in this safe and amazingly simple construction. So it makes sense a pool with this system of Intex to build, because that is the easiest and this can even be done one person alone. The parts which are necessary for the construction, made of sturdy materials and what especially in the test was positive noticed 3 layered film but is flexible to be alone moved by a man in spite of stability. One could also say that it is a man pool, because an hour at this large pool is set up and the filling lasts longer. The system is mature and it shows on the precise structure in which each part really harmonizes together. It is consistent and precisely to build such a pool and it's easily done.  


conclusion guyOne conclusion of this product can only turn out well, because all of the individual parts are well thought out and really matched. Each manages the structure of its ULTRA Framepool immediately. In the test, there were no ambiguities or about angles which were hard to handle. Everything worked from the roll of film on the plug together the individual frame parts and install the pump with sand filter. Pricewise convinced this pool, which will be noted, the construction should be extra-dress, or lower as in a pit, because then you get the perfect pool for their needs and that at a very advantageous price. Also in operation, no weaknesses and this pool showed can be used long. The conclusion is good after the test, and this product is simple worth a recommendation. This pool should be noted, if one desires an acceptable size and the like to take about an hour after delivery. The innovative system is convincing in every respect and scores with its superior design.

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