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Review: Pool friends ecological pool Basic 4 Pool

With a private pool, many people make a great joy. This pool now need not be a dream any longer. Herewith, a pool to buy, is well suited for beginners. Nevertheless, there is a large pool that is ready for the next pool party. The pool has an appropriate length so that the float in the family also quietly can swim lengths. In addition, he is also pretty high. Of course, it fits a lot of water in such a pool and it is also worthwhile to log on the fire. But now it comes to the actual pool and its properties. Because the pool is perfect and can be an asset to any family.  

The dimensions

First, about the dimensions, so that the householder can measure ever, whether the pool at all fit into the garden.The pool has a length of 9 meters and a width of 5 meters. Thereby everyone can perfectly go swimming in it. But now it is also the depth which should be decisive for the buyer. This is the right place for the whole family with 150cm. Families with small children should their children but do not lose sight of, because if something happens, then can not forgive the parents. The pool holds a water volume of 60,000 liters. This amount is huge and it takes quite a while until the water has flowed into the pool. Nevertheless, it may be worthwhile to assemble this pool and to buy.  

The price

This pool is very expensive. This money has not all families, but have it be, love the pool anyway. The price is in this pool at about 4000 Euro. This can be a swimming pool, the neighbor has not quite sure.  

The structure

In order to build this pool is even more necessary in addition to a little skill. First, a pit must be dug. This can be easier but if the buyer simply purchases a mini digger. In this way can the plan make much easier and the pool is then safely. He also comes with it into the ground and is not brought challenges. The pool should be recorded in advance by means of marking spray. Thus, the best conditions for the excavation are created and it can go to the actual digging. It is also good if the buyer already thinks about the excavation in advance. In a pool can quickly much earth come together and this has to go somewhere.  


When setting up the purchaser should be helped. This is thanks to the instructions to accomplish quite fast and goes fast forward. The setting up of the pool is quite possible, if the buyer does everything right here. Well, it is always a great thing to set up the pool and it should be chosen wisely. Any error, the buyer commits when setting up the pools will take revenge later. It is also important to know from the start where the filter system to be actually constructed. The pool must always be on a level surface and it should also be ensured that it is always well aligned.  

Winterfest or is it?

A good pool is also about what He has to happen in the winter. Now it is quite expensive, the water drain and fill again. Therefore it can be said that the pool during the winter also can feel free to just leave as it is. But it should take some precautions are taken. So it is important that the pool is always well secured. Children should be kept away definitely from the pool. It is also important that they can not play around the pool or may not fall into it. The pool is great and can be equipped with a film that acts as a protective leaves and dirt protection. In addition, the leader should always be used, so that the safe entry and exit is secured. The buyer must also make sure that the pool is not to freeze in winter. But in any case, the film, which has been used for winter. That is good in the pool.


conclusion guyWith a good pool, it is important that it is also easy to fill. The pool is exciting and the whole family will enjoy. This allows each have a lot of fun. When it comes to bathing, is this pool everything always ensured. A buyer can and will only be able to enjoy it. The pool is perfect for a large family. Anyone who has ever dreamed of a pool will make it right with this pool everything. Although it is an expensive pool, but this is for last time. But he must also be kept clean.  

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