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Test report: Rösle 91414 Fondue

Use fondue fondue properly

The Rösle 91414 fondue set consists of a pot with a diameter of 20 cm, fondue ring, rechaud with gas burner, 6 fondue forks and stainless steel plates. The 18/10 stainless steel is ideal for use in the kitchen and therefore also for the fondue. The special feature of this stainless steel is that it is insensitive to water vapor, humidity and food acids. Of course, hygiene plays an important role, as is also the smell and taste neutral. The pot is suitable for all types of cookers, especially for the Rösle series iMotion. All this is promised by the manufacturer, but whether this is so in everyday life is always open. For this reason, quite normal customers are allowed to take the test, as the Rösle 91414 fondue is tested in a variety of situations. Quite without laboratory conditions, but just under normal home environment.  

Price and appearance

All the testers agreed on the look, because the Rösle 91414 fondue looks very good. Better still the pot is really solid processed, which also applies to the accessories. However, at the price, the testers were no longer so unanimous. Even if the fondue looks good, some felt the price very high. Others, on the other hand, found it appropriate, with which the opinions differed somewhat. Once again, the testers were in the process of commissioning, because this went quite simply. In the burner was already gas, but not really much, which then some customers very disappointed. Because of course was invited to the fondue and then the flame was about 15 minutes. Therefore there were points deductions, because at the price the burner could be quietly filled. Many had ordered the same gas, which was also good.  

Filling is cumbersome

This was the unanimous opinion, especially when the burner ran out in the middle of the food. There is already a lot of demand, so that no one burns the fingers. However, there were also total failures, because the valve seems to be a big weak point. In some cases, the gas escaped through this valve again. In a customer, the burner even started with a flame. Fortunately, these testers were able to carry the burner to the terrace, which did not damage the apartment. Here maybe something should be improved, because at the price the testers had expected better. Some testers had the Rösle 91414 fondue already longer, where after a year the valve on the burner was defective. Thus, the Rösle 91414 fondue in this area could not convince all testers, which then also made a significant point deduction.


Conclusion guyThe Rösle 91414 fondue could not convince in all aspects, just as regards the filling and the valve on the burner. But where everything worked, the joy was very big. Some had heated up fat in it and then prepared meat delicious. Here the Rösle 91414 fondue could keep the temperature very good, with which the results tasted good. Despite some problems with the filling up and just the valve in the burner, the Rösle 91414 fondue got still 4.7 of 5 points. Thus the fondue got a clear purchase recommendation, alone by its good appearance. For the majority of customers there were no problems with the burner, even after an extended period of time. Thus, these are exceptions, which are then annoying. Especially when friends come to dinner. The Rösle 91414 fondue also looks very good, which in turn made many points. All in all, a very good fondue, which then really holds what the manufacturer has promised so much.

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