WFT Prion Inline 2 4 fishing rod

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Test report: WFT Prion Inline 2 4 fishing rod

Fishing from passion is a great hobby and can be run at any time. However, the fishing should always be done with a WFT Prion Inline 2 4 fishing rod. Because this rod has very good characteristics, which will make it indispensable in the sport. The fishing rod has only a small hook. She has no rings at all. Therefore, the user should always pay close attention to the fact that the fishing line does not become tangled when attaching.The rod has a very good balance and can be thrown out very far. The user will no longer want to give this fishing rod once he has chosen the fishing rod. The fishing rod is a lot of fun and it can go out on the lake to fish.  

The properties

The fishing rod has a minimal weight. That's just 460 grams. The transport length is rather long with 170cm. There are a total of two parts which still need to be assembled before fishing can begin. The throwing weight can always be determined by the respective user. This should weigh at 300-900 grams. It is a rod that can be bought with the WFT Prion Inline 2 4 fishing rod. The plug-in connection is present here. If the whole rod is assembled, the length is 2.40m.  

These are the highlights

The tail of the rod can be loaded completely evenly. The bait control is excellent and the angler responds very sensitively when something has been caught. The inlet ring and the outlet ring have a so-called SIC insert. The handle is ergonomic and made of moss rubber. Therefore, no bubbles or calluses will be seen on the hands even after the rod has been held for a long time. The angling has done very well in various tests and has top-notch reactions. These are, however, dependent on the user. Because he has to react well when a fish is on the fishing rod. The rod is also resilient. The stable impression is always confirmed when the fishing rod is used. If you want to fish the fish with a fishing rod, here is the best tool for this. These and, of course, other fish can be an excellent fishing with the WFT Prion Inline 2 4 fishing rod.  

The results

The fishing rod has a perfect grip and every hobbyist gets a very good tool to fish. The fishing rod has a very good quality and the buyer will certainly not be disappointed. The fishing rod is very good to hold and above all the price is crucial here. The WFT Prion Inline 2 4 fishing rod is a high-quality tool, made of the best materials. The fishing rod is available in several versions for purchase. Therefore, each buyer can also assemble his own fishing rod. Their own needs are very good.


Conclusion guyOnly with a good and stable fishing rod is it better to catch fish. A fishing rod can now be purchased with the WFT Prion Inline 2 4 fishing rod. The handle is easy to handle and the handle will be secure and will not cause any bubbles. The WFT Prion Inline 2 4 fishing rod is cheap and something for real savings. These people can now give themselves to a great hobby and it is also possible to catch many fish. The fishing rod is easy to put together and thus it is an instrument that will be really useful. Fishing alone makes a lot more pleasure with it and everything is much better. Therefore the fishing rod on the list should be at the top.  

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