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Test report: WFT Penzill Angelrute

To go fishing is for many people pure relaxation. They can simply leave the daily routine behind them and it is also fun with their own children. In order for the fishing to be successful, however, it is also necessary to have the right instrument. The rod should therefore always be selected well. The WFT Penzill fishing rod is very suitable for the hobby sportsman. This will go perfectly with the fishing rod. If you want, you can order the fishing rod in several sizes. The fishing rod is particularly worthwhile in salt water. However, it can also be used in fresh water. Many buy the rod because they promise a lot of success. This will also be the case here. 

How can the fishing rod be ordered?

Here is not much patience necessary. It just takes up to two days and the fishing rod can already be used. The buyer has the possibility to buy the fishing rod with a length of 180 cm or 185 cm. But he also has to make sure that he always buys the fishing rod with the correct throwing weights. This is the only way to get far out with the litter. Thus the fishing rod with a length of 180 cm has a litter weight which is 1-5 grams. It is a one-piece fishing rod. The fishing rod, 185 cm long, has throwing weights ranging from 1.5 to 6.5 grams. Here you get 1 + 1 parts. The third version of the Angel also comes in a length of 185 cm and brings a total of two parts. The throwing weights have a dimension of 1.5 gram to 6.5 gram.  

What fishing is there?

There is also the 195 cm long fishing rod, which comes with throwing weights of 4-15 grams. Another version is the 210 cm long fishing rod. This brings 4-17 grams in terms of weight. There are also two more angling, which offer different versions with the throwing weights. On the one hand there is the 7-28 gram version, this is 1 + 1 part and then there is still the 7-28 gram version, which is second. Then there is the five-part version with a length of 210 cm. This fishing rod also has throwing weights of 7-28 grams.  

Other features

The Angel has a two-part natural cork handle. This means that the angler has the possibility to really grip the rod and it will surely not slip away. The rod is equipped with an extra slim high and the blank is made of carbon. There are titanium rings for optimum cable management and the angel is held in Japan style. It is very fast and also sensitive at the top. The rod is suitable for fishing on the boat or on the shore. The hand part is described as rather briefly. In addition, the handle is made of natural cork very well in the hand.


Conclusion guyIf you like fishing, the WFT Penzill fishing rod will catch a lot of fish. The fish will formally bite with the fishing rod. It has the best features and for a very reasonable purchase price. With this rod the sport can only be successful. Every buyer can buy this fishing rod in the desired length. He should also make sure that he has the right weight. This is the only way to improve fishing. Because the weight of the litter is always decisive, how far the bait can be ejected. Therefore it is extremely important for the WFT Penzill to do everything right.  

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