Shimano Exage BX STC fishing rod

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Test report: Shimano Exage BX STC fishing rod

Fishing is always a great hobby. This hobby can also cost a lot of money. A new fishing rod has to be made and then the choice should always fall on a well-known product. This fishing rod comes from the house Shimano and is very high quality. The buyer has to spend a lot of money on the rod, but this investment will be worth it.Many fish can be caught with the fishing rod of Shimano and the dream of fishing is none. Who once properly spend money for a high-quality fishing rod, will certainly not regret. If you do not follow your hobby so often, you can also buy a cheaper fishing rod and consider it. The rod of Shimano is always a highlight, which can be worthwhile.  

What makes the rod special?

Especially in spinfish, most are dependent on a fishing rod, which is very long. Also the swinging qualities are really great and the fish will be formally caught. This fishing rod is of course very high quality. The shaft is good in the hand and is made of high quality materials. This allows the user to start very much and he will also be satisfied if the fishing rod is working. The angling is easy to fold up and as fast as it works, it is also very quickly ready for use. The user can also use the rod very quickly.  

How long is the fishing rod?

The fishing rod has a very low weight. This is just 138 grams. Since it is very small and also light, one can not believe that it is pulled out then 240 cm long. The transport length of the fishing rod is only 38 cm. And this is rather small. This allows the fishing rod to always be there and also to be used during the holiday. It is, however, very important to check in advance whether it is also possible to fish at the resort. However, if you plan a special fishing holiday, this fishing rod will be just right. The fishing rod is built into 11 parts. These 11 parts can easily be connected together and there are also rings which help in carrying the fishing line. There are 8 of them.  

The first fishing

First of all the fishing rod has to be taken out to its full length. Once this has been done, the user can start and use the rod excellently. This fishing rod is a lot of fun. Perhaps the one or the other still looking for a great gift? Then this fishing rod is sure to be the right choice for anyone who enjoys fishing. Also as an animation aid this fishing rod is perfect. So maybe your own child or even grandchild can be animated. Everyone can have a lot of fun with the beautiful fishing rod and will soon follow this hobby. The fishing rod is very good and makes a lot of.


Conclusion guyIf you are always looking for a new and good fishing rod, this fishing rod will surely be great. The fishing rod is from a well-known manufacturer, which refers to the manufacture of such sports equipment. This allows many fish to be captured safely, and it is also easy to play. The fishing rod is high quality and will certainly not disappoint the buyer. To catch the fish is always a great pleasure. It is a very good gift and, of course, much more for a fishing enthusiast. The fishing can now be seen from a different side and will surely bring more fish These can be excellently caught with the fishing rod and this can go very well.

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