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Test report: Quantum Magic Trout Angelrute

If you like to hunt and do the pond or lake, you also need a suitable tool to lure the fish and then get out of the water. The Quantum Magic Trout fishing rod is ideal for this. This Angel is absolutely in the middle of the price and almost favorable. The buyer can hope for a great fishing rod, which he can use for exactly the hobby he likes to do: fishing! 

What does the fishing rod look like?

The fishing rod has been divided into three parts. However, this is not a bad property, since the transport and therefore the transport length is reduced to a minimum. In addition, the rod has very good litter characteristics. It can be hurled very far with the right throwing weights, which has the advantage that the fish can be caught better in the depth. The fishing rod is equipped with a natural cork handle. Natural cork is a very good material, which is perfectly in the hand. In addition, the coil can be attached very well here. This is needed to fix the fishing rod.  

The Rings

Of course such a good fishing rod does not come without the guide rings. This allows the user to ensure that his cord has been passed through the fishing rod optimally. There are several rings in the fishing rod. Therefore, the cord can also sit very well.  

The material

The main material is carbon fiber. This is a high-quality material. The balance of the fishing rod is also influenced by the material and its choice. The Quantum Magic Trout fishing rod is exactly the material very good, because it allows the fishing rod to eject perfectly.  

How do you know if the fish has bitten?

Exactly this is dependent on a good fishing rod. The Quantum Magic Trout fishing rod is very finely tuned thanks to the HM carbon fibers and the user can recognize immediately when a fish has bitten. In this case, the tip begins to wiggle well balanced. In this case, the user of the fishing rod can react quickly and catch his fishing rod to catch the fish. The rod also allows to fish for a considerable time. The user will certainly not be tired.  

How long is the Quantum Magic Trout Fishing Rod and what should a buyer still know?

The hanger has a maximum length of 390 cm. It is, as already mentioned, divided three times. Throwing weights are included in the delivery and weigh a total of 30 grams. However, not all weights have to be attached. The weight of the entire tang is 250 grams. Therefore, the fishing rod is very easy to transport. The transport length is 138 cm. The fishing rod should not be missed during a holiday at the lake. Not only is a very good pastime bought, but also one or other delicious dinner itself can be caught.


Conclusion guyOnly with a good fishing rod will the fishing succeed. The Angel can now be purchased from Quantum Magic Trout. With this rod you can safely assume that it also holds what it promises. This is beside many beautiful hours at the lake also the certainty that the Angel will last very long. It is beneficial for beginners as well as professionals. If you do not have a lot of money, but still want to decide for a high quality fishing rod, consider the Quantum Magic Trout fishing rod. The fishing rod can always be there. If you really want to know for sure, you should buy a suitable storage case. This keeps the durability even longer and better.  

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