Daiwa Exceler Spin fishing rod

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Test report: Daiwa Exceler Spin fishing rod

Especially beginners with fishing are often overstretched with the purchase of a fishing rod. But that does not have to be, because the fishing rod can be bought here very easily. The rod will prove to be a very good device, which is absolutely suitable. It is also irrelevant that it is unbeatable in the acquisition. The buyer will be particularly equipped with this rod, especially at the beginning, and will definitely get some fish to the fishing rod. 

The purchase

The rod can be ordered very easily and then comes quite fast. Therefore, the angler can also order the rod at short notice and then deliver it as quickly. So you can go fishing with the fishing rod and it will be easy to go fishing and find the right lake.  

The properties

The important thing about a rod is that it can be assembled quickly and easily. This will be absolutely the case here. The user can also buy a total of two parts with the rod, which he can really quickly put together. There are a total of 8 rings on the rod, which are perfect for the fishing rod. Because this is then a great guide of the fishing rod and the line is securely stowed in it. Now it is a rod, which carries a high-quality processing. One or the other buyer would certainly call it chic. The rod is first and foremost extremely favorable and therefore the purchase can be absolutely considered.  

What is important with a good fishing rod?

The Daiwa Exceler Spin Fishing Rod is easy to eject and is perfect for spin fishing and normal fishing. This means that perch but also pike perch can be caught very well. The spine is very easy to eject and the spine is good. The rod can be recommended.  

Lightweight and classic

The rod is perfect for the use of rubber tires. These can be easily attached with the right hook, of course. At this point it is important that there is a fishing license which gives permission to fish. If you do not have this certificate, you should not buy the fishing rod. Because it is also a problem to just go fishing everywhere. The permission must be available. The rod itself has a very thin blank. This is balanced and can also provide power reserves for the buyer, which are extremely important for catching the fish. The rod has a double rib and guide rings. This makes it very easy for beginners to provide the rod with the appropriate cord.  

What is special about the rod?

On the rod itself only the best qualities are found. It has a Fuji roller holder and Titanium Oxyd rings. Also the handpiece is very high quality. This consists of titanium carbon fiber mat. The handle is made of high quality natural cork. The tailgate is fixed and it is a decorative finish.


Conclusion guyOnly those who are quite sure can use this rod well and need it. The rod is perfect but the delivery is a little lean. But for this is bought a high quality rod, which is also very suitable. The fishing rod makes a lot of things and also a lot better. This allows the angler to start and will also be able to catch many fish. As you can only wish it is a successful fishing and the rod is really so helpful. The fish in any case are very well swayed. Of course the angler also needs the right accessories to get started. The rod is really good.  

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