Black Cat Catline Spin 200 fishing line

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Test report: Black Cat Catline Spin 200 fishing line

If you want to experience a great moment while fishing, you also need the right equipment. This also includes the perfect fishing line. This allows the angler to fish from a distance. If one goes back in history a bit, which angling earlier was far more complicated. Because at that time one was dependent on spears and a high precision when throwing them, in order to be able to pierce a fish. Fishing with a fishing line is not only much more uncomplicated, but also more effective. Depending on the type of fish or the environment in which you want to fish, there are different fishing lines. 

Robustness through braiding

For the catching of catfish and for spinning (for example of trout) is suited the Black Cat Catline Spin. This fishing line is characterized by the fact that it is braided and is therefore perfectly suited for spinning and fishing of Welsen. The braiding of this fishing line is extra narrow and has a high abrasion resistance as well as a minimum water absorption of almost 0 percent.  

High load capacity

Anglers should pay attention to such characteristics if they want to go specifically for catfish and / or trout fishing. A further comparison factor against other fishing lines is surely also the load capacity per diameter. This is at this fishing line at lbs 0,30mm 23kg 51lbs 0,38mm 27,5kg 61lbs. Thanks to the high load-bearing capacity, the fish, who hopefully fidget at the other end of the line, can be the bigger without tearing the cord.  

Sufficient length for fishing from the shore

Above all, inexperienced anglers place great importance on the fact that the fishing line is quite long. This fishing line also fulfills this wish with its impressive length of 200 m. This allows you to fish from the shore if you do not have a boat to fish for trout or trout. The Black Cat Catline Spin is a spider fishing line designed for spinning. Thanks to the length of this fishing line, long throws are also possible.  

Good to see

As not always perfect in perfect sunny weather or the water can also lead to reflections in the water, which are confusing, the design of the Black Cat Catline Spin was taken care that it shines in a rich orange. Even in bad weather the fishing line is always visible. The bait game is therefore no problem. Despite the robust braiding, this fishing line is not particularly thick. And the thinner the fishing line, the more unimpressive it is for the fish!  

Low water resistance

The water resistance also plays an important role in a fishing line. This is very low in the Black Cat Catline Spin. This means even tame bites of the catfish, trout etc. is immediately transferred to the rod.  


Conclusion guy The Black Cat Cat Line fishing line is ideal for fishing for catfish. It has a stable braiding and is nevertheless thin, so that it can be left unobtrusively in the water. Because of the length of 200 m, it is also possible to make a wide throw from the shore. With appropriate care, you have a very long pleasure at this fishing line.

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