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Test report: Abu Garcia Devil Spin fishing rod

Fishing is the passion of some 1.6 million people alone in Germany. This is a huge market, even if there are many amateurs and beginners among the fishing enthusiasts, or people who may only go fishing once a year. There are many fishing rod manufacturers, including Abu Grazia. This supplier has a lot of fishing rods in the assortment. The Devil series is characterized above all by the fact that it has high-quality equipment. This applies, of course, to the Abu Grazia Devil 920 m 15/40 spin.  

Second - good transportability!

One of the absolute features of this fishing rod is surely that it can be laid second-hand. This makes the transport even with the moped, bike or on foot and of course in the car very well. Because in order to transport the fishing rod you do not even have to remove other things from the car or fold down seats unnecessarily. This in turn enables a lot more people to be transported in the same vehicle. This is not a logistical affair, either from space, or from weight. The large family carriage does not need to be taken out of the garage. The transport length is 1.40 m. The transport of the fishing rod and the other fishing gear is also possible in the smaller second car. And even if it is second-hand, the Abu Grazia Devil 920 m 15/40 Spin is easy to put together - without tools and without major loss of time on site.  

Good material

How to transport the fishing rod is of course not decisive for most retired anglers. But the Abu Grazia Devil 920 m 15/40 Spin also fulfills the other needs and basic requirements, which anglers attach great importance to. This includes, in particular, the material which, in the case of this fishing rod, is made of high-quality and ultra-light carbon composite, that is, carbon fibers which are stiff and solid and consist of pure carbon. This material makes the blank of this fishing rod particularly light and swingable even for larger litters from shore or boat. Also, predatory fishing in deep-sea fishing is therefore possible with the Abu Grazia Devil 920 m 15/40 spin. This fishing rod is however very much liked by beginners for pike fishing.  

Resistant TS quality rings

Also the resistant TS-quality rings ensure that the Abu Grazia Devil 920 m 15/40 Spin also meets the requirements of professionals and can be taken to deep-sea fishing. The tough TS quality rings are also designed to be used with a braided cord.  

Fits comfortably in your hand

The grip of the fishing rod is what most anglers from the amateur and of course the professional area are concerned with. The Abu Grazia Devil 920 m 15/40 Spin can score here with robust and very grippy cork handles from Soft Cork. The handles are ergonomic and lie very well in the hand. This makes the handling and guidance very solid. The fishing rod can also be moved very well in places that are difficult to access. The length of this fishing rod is in the middle. However, the weight is also decisive, which is very low even with this center rod of the Rod series Devil. This is ultimately the guarantee that the cutting technique does not have to be quite mature, in order to move the fishing rod also from the shore far into the pond.  

Attractive design

The design of the Abu Grazia Devil 920 m 15/40 Spin was of course also well thought out by the manufacturer. This is partly a point where both retired anglers as well as beginners look very strong. Because on board the boat and also on the shore one would like to make a good figure in front of the Mitanglern and also with the look of the fishing rod score points. The chosen color of the manufacturer for this rod is very discreet and promises that the Abu Grazia Devil 920 m 15/40 Spin is certainly an eyecatcher - which certainly is not the deciding criterion for the fact that one decides for such a high quality fishing rod by one Manufacturer who has made a worldwide name in the manufacture of fishing rods!


Conclusion guy Like all six models of the Rod series, the Abu Grazia Devil 920 m 15/40 Spin has a very high level of equipment. With a 15/40 spin, this model is one of the middle models as well as the weight. This model is from all its features the ideal fishing rod for beginners or not yet experienced fishermen.

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