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Test report: Klarstein Basel Elektrokamin

The Klarstein Basel electro fireplace - no other gives you a more homely feeling, without the soot formation

Who does not know this, it gets colder outside, so you look forward to the warm home. Here, particularly the Klarstein Basel electric fireplace are recommended, because it combines both the comfort and the warmth of a fireplace, without leading to the formation of carbon black, as would be the case in a normal fireplace. It is particularly noteworthy that the electric fireplace itself in Switched off state is already very worth seeing. It is distinguished by its glass front and the brushed stainless steel. The equipment body consists of steel sheet. Once it is turned on, the room is bathed by the flames illusion in a beautiful light and the electric fireplace looks like a real fireplace, causing an immediate homely feel. The fireplace can be mounted on the wall are as used as a standalone unit. Due to its weight of 18.6 kilograms, the fireplace also has a stable stand, so you do not have to worry about it falling over. The cable of the electric fireplace has a length of 1.65 m. A big plus is the dimmer function, as you so the brightness level can decide and you can adjust the room atmosphere itself in this way. The 2-stage heater fan heats once with 1000 watts and secondly with 2000 watts.  

How big is the Klarstein Basel Elektrokamin?

The front panel of the electric kettle has a width of 90 cm and a height of 56 cm. Without front panel the dimensions are 78 cm x height 53 cm x depth 10 cm. If you use the electric fireplace as a stand with foot, it has the following dimensions: Width 90 cm x Height 61 cm x Depth 30 cm.  

What is also to be particularly emphasized in the Klarstein Basel electro-fireplace?

Particularly noteworthy is the LED backlight, which can be connected as required. As a result, the atmosphere of the electrocannamine is then increased. Furthermore, there are seven different colors that you can choose to equip the device with colorful light. Furthermore, the easy cleaning of the electric fireplace highlight these times should be necessary, since you can remove the front panel easily.  

How to operate the unit?

First of all, there is a remote control, so that you can use the electric fireplace from the sofa and adjust it.Furthermore there is the possibility that the device with the control panel, located on top of the device to be operated. The on-off switch is also located on top of the device.  

What is included?

If you buy the Klarstein Basel Elektrokamin, you get the device, a wall mounting set, a pedestal, a remote control and a German-language manual. Please note that the remote control batteries are not included in the scope of supply.  

What are the advantages of the Klarstein Basel Elektrokamin?

- 1 button is enough to turn on the fireplace - electric fireplace looks like a real fireplace - The built up to 2000 watt heaters are heat immediately from (2-stage) - Different brightness levels are available  

What are the disadvantages of the Klarstein Basel Elektrokamin?

- Even if the electric fireplace looks deceptively genuine, it does not give the well-known "Kamingeruch"


Conclusion guyIf you are looking for a deceptively genuine electric fireplace, which also has many special features, the Klarstein Basel electro fireplace can be highly recommended. The various levels of brightness can be used to determine the atmosphere in which you want to dive. Furthermore, you can decide on the basis of different watt levels even how much the fireplace to heat up, which means that you can use it in part in cool summer nights, without being too hot. Moreover, it is especially nice to have the Switchable LED backlighting can create an even more wonderful mood, your romantic evening is also nothing to hinder. The Evocative is reinforced through the seven different colors to choose from. Also, due to its size fireplace provides the electric fireplace deceptively real and is even in the off state, a true highlight in the living room.

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