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Test report: Euromac Barcelona Elektrokamin

We searched for and found a mobile electric fireplace. Our choice has been due to a model from Euromac, namely the Euromac Barcelona electro fireplace. We have been using Euromac's electro-fireplace for almost two months now, following a review of our experience.  

That's why it was the Euromac Barcelona electro fireplace

As mentioned in the beginning, the mobility of a new electric fireplace was important to us. Accordingly, we are mainly limited to electric fireplaces, which can either be carried or even pushed. This, and particularly the performance, drew us attention to the Euromac Barcelona electric fireplace. This model can be different, push as well as carry. It is also equipped with a flame effect and two adjustable heating stages. And at the Euromac Barcelona Elektrokamin also impressed us with something else, namely the purchase price. With far below 100.00 Euro the Euromac Barcelona electric fireplace is very favorable.  

Technical information about the electric fireplace

Completely made of steel is the Euromac Barcelona electric fireplace. In the interior of the enclosure in the electric fireplace, this is equipped with an adjustable heater. Here you can choose between three levels, these are off, 1000 watts and 2000 watts. With these setting possibilities with the heating power one can also adjust the flame effect.The energy for the heat output from the electric fireplace is obtained via a 220 volt connection. For the connection of the electric fireplace this is equipped with a connection cable with plug. The Euromac Barcelona electric fireplace is held in a black design. It comes at a weight of 15 kg. The Euromac Barcelona electric fireplace is equipped with four rollers at the bottom.  

Handling of Euromac Barcelona electric fireplace

The Euromac Barcelona electro fireplace is characterized by high mobility. Whether pushing or wearing, both are no problem. Via the different roles in the electric fireplace, you can push it. This also works with a carpet floor, which is a great advantage. The support of the electric fireplace is considerably facilitated by two lateral recesses. The electro fireplace with its 15 kg and its small dimensions is also easy to carry. Overall, the handling is very simple.Only at one point there is a defect, this shortage concerns the cable at the Euromac Barcelona electro fireplace.This connection cable could be a bit longer, this would also increase the range and application possibilities of the electric fireplace.  

Operation of the electric fireplace of Euromac

When using the Euromac Barcelona electro-fireplace, you can say that it is simple. The two heating stages, but also the switching on and off and the flame effect, can be controlled directly at the electro fireplace. Where one is careful with the operation and generally at the place of installation, since the electric fireplace becomes very warm and one can thereby hurt quickly. The electric fireplace works very reliably, here we have no disadvantages. In addition, the electric fireplace works relatively quietly during operation.


Conclusion guyThe Euromac Barcelona electric fireplace is made of solid metal. Two heat settings with an output of 1000 and 2000 watts can be set for the electric fireplace. It is provided with a flame effect, which can be switched on and off together with the setting of the heating stages. 220 Volt is necessary for the operation of Euromac Barcelona electric fireplace. The Euromac Barcelona electric fireplace is a mobile model. This means that it can be transported and operated well by means of castors and tractors. And with a little effort. The weight of the electric fireplace is only 15 kg. When installing the electric fireplace, one only has to pay attention to the connection cable. This is not very long, which unfortunately is a disadvantage. The electric fireplace works very reliably and in operation also quietly. We are very satisfied because of the high performance, the mobility and the low cost of the purchase. Our test results are very positive, we can recommend the Euromac Barcelona electro fireplace.

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