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Test report: Klarstein St Moritz Elektrokamin

The St Moritz electric fireplace is an electric fireplace of 1800 watt including heating fans. The control panel is cleverly hidden behind a flap, which can be used to showcase the classic design. The feet can be easily installed and the brightness of the flames can also be individually adjusted. An accessory, which also makes itself visible in the switched off state. The wooden optics and the curved legs also contribute to the clarity of St Moritz's electric fireplace, giving it a rustic look.The look is reminiscent of a relic of times past, but with the latest technology. Only by the missing chimney can be seen that it is not a real fireplace. The clear stone St Moritz electric fireplace can be used in every room, only one socket is required. The transport is also quite simple, since there are already handles on the clear stone St Moritz electro fireplace available. With or without heating fan, light or rather darker, all this is possible with this fireplace.The product dimensions are 38 x 59 x 26cm (WxHxD) with just 14 kg weight. As far as the details of the manufacturer, which promise so much. But here, once normal customers can be the testers, because they have then tested the clear St Moritz electric fireplace once in a very private atmosphere.  

Value for money excellent

Such enthusiasm among customers is very rare, but this was so with the St Moritz stovetop. Already when unpacking, all customers were more than enthusiastic. The assembly, that is, the fitting of the feet, was done quickly. Then just a plug and already done. They had not imagined it so easily, but here it was really true. Then just set it, all customers of course also have tested the heater. This can be set to 900 watts or twice the power. As a result, larger rooms are soon warmer than would be possible with heating. Here the clear stone St Moritz Elektrokamin could really get rid of the full points, because all customers agreed on this point.  

Just look beautiful

All of our customers were also a few of them, the appearance being underlined by the flaming flames. However, a customer has deducted a point, but for insidious reason. The clear stone St Moritz electric fireplace was conceived as a gift and was also used immediately. Now all in all the clarity St Moritz Elektrokamin got then 4.9 of 5 points, but the one point deduction here can be forgotten. Because this customer also gave a clear purchase recommendation. Because there was really nothing to complain about, which then also the customers all once recognized. Here, the manufacturer had not promised more than was held. So far, all customers are more than satisfied with the St Moritz electric fireplace, even if it is switched off.Because even then he just makes a beautiful picture in the room and falls directly into the eye of all visitors.


Conclusion guyWhen customers opted for the St Moritz electric fireplace, they were somewhat skeptical. Can such an electric fireplace really create so much ambience? Here there was a simple answer, yes the clear stone St Moritz electric fireplace can do this. None of the customers regretted the purchase, but all gave a clear purchase recommendation. Here everything was really good, and at a very good price. The handling is very simple, which has already begun when screwing the feet. The brightness of the flames can also be adjusted as well as the heat fan performance. Even a larger room is so hot, of course, in co-operation with a heating system. This was at least at a customer who lives in a less well-insulated old building. Here the time of freezing is now over and thanks to the clear stone St Moritz Elektrokamins. This purchase has paid off for all customers, although the St Moritz stoner is still very cheap. All in all, a purchase recommendation was pronounced, which is so very rare. A fireplace that looks real and does not make a mess.  

Product features

maximum heating capacity 1.8 kW
energy carriers electricity
cover metal
Mounting type Stand
Body material steel
height 59 cm
width 38 cm
depth 26 cm
weight 14 kg
Smoke pipe connection required No
Washer Washer No
Remote control No
thermostat Yes
Flame effect Yes
glute effect Yes
Overheat protection Yes
electrical ignition No
Special feature Nostalgic design
plus Very good price
plus Easy assembly, so the feet must be screwed on
plus An outlet is sufficient for simple operation
plus Is stable and firm, so can not be thrown by children
minus So far no disadvantages are known

Price development

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6 months
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