Carlo Milano Ethanol Fireplace

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Test report: Carlo Milano ethanol fireplace

In the dream you often want a fireplace, unfortunately this wish can not always be fulfilled. This can be due to the fact that the landlord does not get permission or because an installation is often very expensive. In modern times, however, there are alternatives to a fireplace that needs a chimney drain. The talk is of a fireplace, which can easily be hung up in the apartment or hung on the wall. A very nice example of this is the Carlo Milano ethanol fireplace.The best thing about this chimney is, it is not subject to a fire place regulation. This means that the user can also place a fireplace in a 1-room apartment.

Simple construction and handling

Building the fireplace is very simple and therefore also possible if the user is not an enthusiastic craftsman. If the set-up is exactly according to the manual, this is a children's play. All materials required for this are included in the scope of supply. Because the dimensions of the Carlo Milano ethanol fireplace are also only 86 x 68.5 x 27 cm, there is not a lot of space needed to bring the fireplace to life. With a weight of 26 kilograms, a commercial wall or a simple floor is enough.  

No health concerns - ingenious

A fireplace without a fireplace, for many unimaginable. This is possible, however, because in the Carlo Milano ethanol fireplace no wood is burned. For this fireplace, the user only needs bioethanol. Thus, many things are excluded from the start. So the user from the fireplace has neither ashes nor smoke or soot. Thus the use of the fireplace is a blessing both for the environment and for the possible pets and of course also for the own health. All this has the user owe the benefits of bio ethanol. This means the user does not smell that he uses bio-ethanol and burns the fuel without leaving any residue. On the other hand, the fuel is gel. In addition, the flame acts more naturally with bioethanol than with gel. The best thing about the Carlo Milano ethanol fireplace is that a small side effect is created. The talk is about a minimal warming that starts from the fireplace. As a rule, the Carlo Milano ethanol fireplace does not serve as a heating, just like a fireplace, which is fired with wood. Such fireplaces have rather the romantic effect, the fascination that causes the flame.  

Modern and elegant at the same time - the Carlo Milano ethanol fireplace

For many people, it is important that all the items in the home match. With the Carlo Milano ethanol fireplace is no problem. On the one hand, the fireplace consists of stainless steel, which is brushed and on the other hand it has a double rear wall. This is equipped with a mineral wool filling. So it is not an issue to hang the Carlo Milano ethanol fireplace in front of a wallpapered wall. Furthermore, the fireplace is equipped with a very large combustion box. The content is 1.0 liters. The user does not have to refill fuel every minute. The front panel is slightly rounded. No annoying corners, so no risk of injury, the fireplace must also be freed from the dust. Last but not least, the grille is also metal and chromed.  


Conclusion guySo if you've ever wanted to fill the dream of a fireplace in your own home, you should get started and look at the Carlo Milano ethanol fireplace. With this fireplace the whole family is happy and satisfied.Furthermore, there is no danger whatsoever. This is because the Carlo Milano ethanol fireplace, with the TÜV Rhineland seal. A value for money, which is unbeatable. Of course, the Carlo Milano ethanol fireplace also has a guarantee period of 2 years. So far this had not yet been claimed. Many romantic hours await the user.

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