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Test report: Buschbeck Boston ethanol fireplace

If you want a great interior fireplace and would like to install it later, the Buschbeck Boston ethanol fireplace is exactly on the right side. This fireplace can easily be placed freely in the room and does not require smoke extraction as a fireplace.

Scope of delivery and design

The Buschbeck Boston Ethanol fireplace is delivered in a large carton fully assembled. The chimney can then be removed from the cardboard box and is then ready for use at the location you are planning. A starting quantity of bioethanol is also included. This is sufficient for a few hours, but it should be bought immediately, another package of the ethanol so that even with the fireplace the nice atmosphere can be created permanently.  

Dimensions and equipment

The Buschbeck Boston Ethanol fireplace has the dimensions (W x H x D): 75 x 44 x 31.5 cm and a weight: 17.2 Kg. These are all dimensions that can be processed in almost every apartment. This fireplace is universally applicable.The color of the device is matt black. Several Plexiglas disks are installed. These go all around the fire site. The fire place itself was provided with a metal lid which was kept creamy white. The safety burner complies with the DIN standard and can therefore be used without problems in the interior.  

Heating and wellness

With the Buschbeck Boston ethanol fireplace you get a device that has a wellness effect. This means that you can relax as soon as you are near the fireplace. The blazing flame exudes tranquility and balances. This applies to you as well as guests or friends. Since the flame has no great healing effect, there is no danger of overheating. The normal heating in the house is still switched off. Thus the device is not suitable to replace a missing heater.  

Maintenance and Care

The combustion chamber of the fireplace does not have to be cleaned or maintained. Into this the bio ethanol is filled and burns completely. This applies to liquid and gel-shaped bioethanol. All other parts must be freed regularly from dust and attachments. This serves to make the chimney look beautiful and that the flame can not spread.  

safety instructions

It is an open and uncovered flame. Therefore, the fireplace must not be placed near children or pets. In spite of the flame, which is not very hot, there is nevertheless a risk of burning. Furthermore, the device should never be used without supervision. Even with the utmost care, it can happen that a fire happens and the furniture or the whole home is affected.  


Conclusion guyWith this fireplace you get a great furnishing furniture with a certain style effect. This is without any appreciable heating power and produces with the bio ethanol a very nice flame which is inside the device. The fireplace is protected by a plexiglass window on each side. Children and animals should not be unattended with the fireplace. Also the use of the fireplace without supervision is not recommended. It is also a great gift that many people will be very pleased with. The price is in the middle.

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