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Test report: Albero Möbel Theisendorf II Elektrokamin

The Elektrokamin Theisendorf II from the manufacturer XANA-Möbel offers at first glance a stately image and that can be the view in every living room. This electro fireplace - Theisendorf in the country house style is a really unmistakable piece of furniture with many good qualities. It is a classic in optics and a solid processed product that at least revealed the practical test of this electro fireplace Theisendorf II. 

Impressively improved living culture

The Elektrokamin Theisendorf II from XANA Möbel liked the look and its dimensions. It reflects the aim of the design, because here alpine living culture is visually imparted and the striking elements of the wood carvings seem very authentic. This fireplace is in its optics although no manual work but still very solid. Everything about this piece of furniture with the electric fireplace technology is very real and lively, if one is put into operation after the simple assembly of this piece. There were many details in the test, which are listed here, so that you as an interested person can get an impression of the high quality of this fireplace. When you start with the surface, you can see natural wood that has been refined with a pickling. The surface sealing has been carried out by the manufacturer with natural wax and this also leads to pleasant odors during operation. There is no soot and no smoke that could disturb, and this chimney has a low impact on the environment and does not alter the room climate negatively.  

Furniture with the charming charm of a fireplace

This is the claim that the manufacturer wants to meet, with this piece of furniture fulfill the dreams of the prospective customers. If a conventional fireplace were to be built, complex work would be necessary. This is the easiest way to get it, because this fireplace is delivered, set up and simply put into operation. This was very convincing and beneficial in the test. Purchased today, delivered tomorrow and then used immediately. The spectrum is such that the purchase of such a high-quality fireplace results. Furthermore, this electric fireplace Theisendorf II offers a characteristic which really draws everyone into its spell and that has to do with the dimensions. The naturally processed spruce wood shows its true charm and thus its effect. Thanks to the very good technology, a very authentic effect of the burning fire is generated during the operation over the electrically operated embers. Overall, a very comfortable atmosphere results, which is very intensively transmitted to the occupants and users of the room. This could be seen in the test well.  

The technology of heat and optics is provided by the Elektrokamin Theisendorf II

This fireplace conjures optics and cozy warmth. The customer has released these options and the test also showed how high-quality technology is used to achieve this look. You have the choice between the flame effect, the flame effect with 1000 watts and a kilowatt of heating power or the flame effect with 2000 watts and 2 KW of heating power. This technique is high-quality and maintenance-free. Safety is also emphasized in this technology in Theisendorf II, an overload protection with safety cut-off for safe operation.  

This fireplace is immediately ready for use

The Elektrokamin Theisendorf II is delivered pre-assembled ready for installation and requires only a 220/230 Volt mains connection. The installation can be done everywhere and you do not need a chimney and therefore also no permission. These are important advantages and the look is still a real fireplace, because this fireplace Theisendorf II works very authentic.  

The Elektrokamin Theisendorf II was characterized by low energy requirements

This fireplace needs little power and has an optimal utility, which clearly showed the test. Also with the measurements, with B / H / T 89x97x36 cm and a weight of 33.5 kg, it is very proportionally proportioned. This results in a very coherent picture. This fireplace is thus a real alternative to a traditional fireplace with real fire.


Conclusion guy The conclusion from the test of the furniture electric fireplace of XANA is very convincing positive and who loves this style, gets a price-balanced alternative to a classic fireplace. All the details are valuable and of high quality and the connection is done with few handgrips. This is convincingly good and a recommendation worth buying.

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