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Test report: MOVIT® Gymnastikball

More and more people are plagued with daily and severe back pain. Guilt of this is often wrong and very long sitting. But in today's world it does not have to be. To provide the back pain to the forehead, can be customized office chairs or gymnastics balls, the solution. But because the special office chairs are very expensive, they are often not provided by the employer. So it is said, the Gymnastikball is used. Even if this looks uncomfortable for many, because it does not belong to the optimal office equipment. Of course, the gymnastics ball can also be used for sports exercises or for fitness. A particularly good gymnastic ball is the MOVIT® Gymnastics Ball.

Easy handling - no problem

In order to use the MOVIT® gymnastics ball, it must first be inflated. What turns out to be a children's play, because the pump is included. The diameter of the gymnastic ball is between 65 - 75 centimeters. This makes it ideal for any desk. And also as a fitness ball the diameter is perfect. With a weight of 1.3 kilograms the ball is also not particularly heavy. Therefore it is hard to believe that the MOVIT® gymnastic ball has a total weight of 300 kg. An unbeatable ratio between the weight and the load capacity. Not many gymnastics balls are oriented to such a resilience.  

For health, only the best

The MOVIT® gymnastic ball is so special, because the high-quality material, which is anti-burst, has been professionally processed. Sitting on the ball is particularly gentle on the joints. The back muscles are strengthened because the user is constantly moving, sitting dynamically and always has to keep the balance. Thus the back musculature gets a change, differently, as if the user sits for 6 hours on an office chair. In addition, the spine is held more upright on the gymnastic ball, which has a very positive effect on the whole body. Seating is therefore absolutely not comparable with the conventional sitting on chairs.  

Unusual, but still a seating possibility

Although for many people the idea of sitting on a gymnastics ball is not conceivable, this variant is increasingly used. And that's just as well. Almost one third of back pain is therefore a thing of the past. In order to lend the whole thing a little bit, there is the MOVIT® Gymnastikball in many different colors. This can not be any office chair, this usually have always dreary, simple colors.


Conclusion guy On the next occasion the user should simply try a gymnastic ball to get an overview of the variety and the simple construction. And at the price you can not go wrong. To invest a maximum of 10 euros for health and get rid of his constant back pain is simply brilliant. The medication for back pain is significantly more expensive. Enjoy and have fun with the MOVIT® gymnastics ball

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