Brill 38 VE RL Electric Scarifier

What you should know about the Brill 38 VE / RL Electric Scarifier

By Brill Scarifier 38 is supplied from the manufacturer directly to your home. Here Brill takes great care to package the thatcher well. The pure weight of the scarifier is specified at 15.9 kilograms.

The scarifier is delivered black, green and red in the distinctive and well-known for the Colours. The device is well made and provided by Brill with a factory warranty. A uniaxial drive ensures a secure footing. Furthermore, a stable and sufficiently large pot is delivered with.

The design of the Brill 38 electric scarifier convinced. It can be seen from sturdy, high-quality plastic and from afar as the branded product.

Facts and figures about the Brill 38 VE RL Electric Scarifier

The Brill Scarifier is recommended for lawns up to 400m². The knife roller is multiple adjustable and is mounted centrally on the Aerator and Lawn Rake. It forms the core of the device. Besides scarifying with steel knives in the delivery is a ventilation roll Wolfszahn knives here. In order for the scarifying with 14 steel knives is possible. the knife against the 14 wolf tooth blade In order to ventilate the lawn exchanged around the plant to avoid damaging.

This, however, two steps are necessary and require considerably more time.

Scarify is thereby in a bottom width of 37 cm, airing it at a width of 36 cm as the roller is low less. The Brill 38 is thereby easily and conveniently done by hand. The machine makes a spar attached facilitates guiding the device deutlichst.

In a few steps to success

The two steps are indeed lengthy, the more convincing the results but in quality. These are to be assessed very positive. Optionally, the pot can be removed thereby. However, this adds a further operation of the rake together the sections. The collector ranges depending on the amount of the sections in the 100 m². But this, however, can vary considerably.

Quick clean and stowed Brill 38 VE RL Electric Scarifier

In the cleaning of the Brill 38 shows its advantages. The device is cleaned quickly and easily. The Removable parts can be easily sprayed with a garden hose. However, the device operates in total so clean that it usually only takes one Ausschüttelns and thus particularly easy clean.

Accessories needed none for the device. So all the necessary parts are included. The Brill 38 works long and perfectly. Consideration is the manufacturer warranty for a small surcharge. This gives you then a factory warranty of three years. Establishments is the scarifier off electricity from a wall outlet. Thus, no power is required.

After the Aerator has been used it can be stored easily. Especially in winter, the device should be placed in a basement or a toolshed. It is only suitable for storage in outdoor areas.

Commercial use is a strength

The different application areas of Brill Particularly 38 Elektrovertikutierers and grass fan. In addition to the already described options in private households, the device can also be well used in public gardens. Also, the operation is quite conceivable in commercial premises such as garden and landscape gardeners. Right here is provided by the continuous operation impressively demonstrated. They are then particularly long have fun with it. For this permanent establishments is worth in any case, but also the extended warranty because it can lead to material fatigue in such operations ever.

Particular attention but are also the many opportunities around the scarifying. So the lawn by the care with the scarifier can be maintained very well. Weeds are avoided and the grass can grow well in total. Also highly recommended is the use of grass fan. This ensures gentle for the necessary supply of oxygen to the roots. This is the reason for less moss and other lichens.

Disposal of Brill 38 VE RL Electric Scarifier

The disposal of these residues should not be done on your own compost. This means that with the wind and the composted soil, the seeds are deposited from the plants not required again in the garden. So the game goes just start all over again. Instead, the remains should be disposed of in the organic rubbish or on an organic farm. Many cities and towns also offer the waste to green collection points or recycling centers. Sometimes you can this also with a farmer Add in turn applies it to his fields.

No matter how you choose, such scarifier is a must for any garden lover of particularly manicured lawns preferred.Without scarifying the risk of moss and the significantly poorer growth of the turf against the treated surfaces.

The Test Result Brill 38 VE RL Electric Scarifier



The Brill 38 Scarifier is recommended an excellent device and unrestricted. the correspondingly large lawn the purchase requirement is so that it turns out as rewarding. The price of the scarifier is in the upper middle because it also is a branded product. Unlike many brands of high-quality plastic is used and also used as high-quality knives in the device.The excellent working engine with electric drive is extremely quiet and causes that the scarifier can be used for almost any time of day. fun is Accordingly hip when scarifying.

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