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Test report: Panasonic DMP-BDT570 Blu-ray player

The Panasonic DMP-BDT570 Blu-ray Player - The device that sets new standards

In August 2015, Panasonic, one of the world's most important electronic technology companies, launched a new high-end Blue Ray player. The model is strongly oriented to its extremely successful and several times outstanding predecessors MP-BDT500 and reminds in technology and optics of the best known device of the company, the BDT700. The Panasonic DMP-BDT570 not only convinces through 4K resolution, but also with an amazing hearing and image experience. Nevertheless, the question arises, what exactly does this device on the big market of Blu-ray players so special? We tested it.  

4K resolution-the technology of the future

Every film fan wants the perfect home cinema experience for the home. While some time ago you still believed High Definition and Full High Definition offer the highest possible resolution, there is already a new accomplishment in this field. The so-called 4K resolution, which is also called simply 4K, is called the future of image resolution and the Panasonic DMP-BDT570 has already been equipped with this. One thing is certain, once you have moved to 4K, you do not want to go back. The player offers through the 4K resolution a filming experience that is hard to describe. Thanks to the particularly powerful dual core processor, the image is added several million pixels to the full HD resolution and the image so much sharper. The detail density has also been increased so much, and yet the texture of the image has a pleasant effect on the human eye. Thanks to the so-called 4K Direct Chroma Up Conversion, the color and brightness values can be adjusted very well and personal preferences for the image display need not be dispensed with. However, the basic settings are very well chosen and therefore do not necessarily have to be changed if one does not want to deal with it. In addition, the BDT570 has so-called JPEGs, which are high-resolution and make the picture as detailed as possible. All the fans of the 3D technology are offered a lot, so the player is not only able to play 3D movies, but is also equipped with a 2D-3D converter.  

The perfect sound for a music and sound experience of the extra class

The new DMP-BDT570 convinces not only by a great picture, but also the sound enthusiastically right away.Panasonic has succeeded in integrating a proprietary sound and sound enhancer into the unit and this can be regulated by the customer himself at home. It is therefore also possible to adjust the sound according to your own ideas. So the player is also highly recommended for music lovers with special requirements, concerning the sound as well as the sound. However, the player also has many other sound functions.  

The Blu-Ray player, which leaves nothing to be desired

In addition to the normal HDMI output, the player also has a further one, which is specially designed for audio playback, as well as a 7.1 analog output. Thanks to the DLNA function, audio files can also be played in the most popular FLAC, WAV, ALAC or various DSD files. A USB 2.0 high-speed access is also available and videos or photos can read the BDT570 directly from the memory card.  

All music lovers get their money's worth

In addition, the DMP-BDT570 is an excellent player for music files. In order to get a perfect sound, a distribution of the picture and sound reproduction on the two HDMI outputs is recommended. There are so-called RCA jacks available, which allow not only stereo but also multi-channel playback. The digital-to-analog conversion is not a problem thanks to five first-class converters, which start with 192 kHz at 32 bits and so you can experience a music fire that takes your breath away.  

Want unlimited access to music, series and movies? Integrated WLAN access is possible

Thanks to the Internet access, of course, it is not a problem to use different video-on-demand services like Netflix, Maxdome or Amazon Instant Video. This also ensures access to the various music streaming providers and social networks. Furthermore, users of tablets or smartphones can easily transfer the content of their device or display to the screen through the so-called Miracast (TM) ¹.


Conclusion guy Panasonic DMP-BDT570- the unit for those who have always dreamed of the perfect home cinema experience. It can be noted in conclusion that the Panasonic DMP-BDT570 is convinced on full line and delight all film and music fans. In addition, the multiplicity of connections as well as the integrated WLAN and the large number of settings, which can be done by yourself, put all technology fans into a bright excitement. The BDT570 is already available for nearly EUR 400 and is recommended to all people who want to have the perfect cinema experience in their own home.

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