Undercounter dishwashers are extremely flexible units and therefore very popular with consumers. The top cover of this equipment may be the usable part of the kitchen work surface. If this plate is removed, the unit fits flush with the countertop misplaced. The dishwasher door can be provided with a matching front and adapts to visually complement the fitted kitchen on. Although base dishwashers are sometimes more expensive thanfreestanding appliances ; to integrate the advantage the device in the kitchen and so to have a harmonious kitchen overall picture, however, these costs justify. The Siemens SN45M539EU undercounter dishwasher was test winner among all the current sub Equipment and impressed our test team wholeheartedly.
Functional Overview
  • Energy efficiency class: A ++
  • Trocknungseffiziensklasse: A
  • Energy consumption: 266  kWh / year
  • Water consumption: 2,800 liters
  • 43 kg
  • Programs: 5
  • Energy efficiency class A ++
  • ease of use
  • austerity program
  • AquaStop
  • no

Delivery & Packaging

The dishwasher was delivered in our case of a shipping company. The packaging was very good and consisted of polystyrene moldings and a fixed, rotating plastic wrap. Thus, the dishwasher was adequately protected from damage during transport. The packaging we could be returned directly from the shipping company. A detailed user guide which was well thought out and easy to understand, the package was. The appearance of our test unit is very appealing. The Fronseite of Siemens SN45M539EU undercounter dishwasher acts very high. An integrated handle cover is comfortable to grip even for large hands and sits comfortably in the hand. All necessary function keys are clearly arranged either side of the diaphragm.Informed a well-read display on the selected program and the expiration time. On the front of the dishwasher the worktop plate can be attached werden.Unser tester was unpacked in a few minutes and still connected by the carrier. This took less than 15 minutes to our test.

Water consumption and energy efficiency

The Siemens SN45M539EU Undercounter dishwasher scores with excellent consumption values . In the energy efficiency class A ++ he needs just 2800 liters of water and 252 kWh of electricity per year. For these values, 280 standard cleaning cycles being used in connection to the cold water tap of the apartment. That the dishwasher just washes you hardly hear; the unit works with 44 dB extremely quiet. In our test we had his ear to the washer hold to determine whether it is running at all. Even with the drying effect A achieved our test unit top results. In Eco program the dishwasher fully loaded consumed only 10 liters of water. This flushes them much more economical than manually. In this program, the dishes were rinsed completed after 175 minutes and sparkling.

Wash programs and additional functions

5 different programs are optimally tailored to the Terms of the private household. The intensive program was in our test able to clean extremely dirty, scorched Dish residue. In addition, a car 45-65 degrees, Eco 50, Eco Intensive 45 and a quick 45 program can be selected. 3 Special functions: intensive zone, varioSpeed and half load, can be switch via control knob. Another energy-saving feature is the automatic shutdown at the end of the flushing process. This causes the device also saves again a lot of electricity. Especially when, for example, at a party in a short time accumulates a lot of dishes, the quick program shows its strength. In only 29 minutes in our text dirty Partyeschirr was rinsed spotless. In order for the Siemens SN45M539EU undercounter dishwasher is not only one of the quietest , but also one of the fastest dishwasher in the market. Particularly suitable for everyday use in the test is found the automatic program 45 ° . The Aqua sensor checks for this program, the pollution of water and thus the dishes. It controls, depending on the results, the amount and timing of the supply of fresh water and are the cleaning temperature before. For smaller budgets, there is the "half load" . Here also only one crockery basket to be filled and a few dishes will be cleaned very energy efficient with even lower fuel consumption. In this way the dishes will not stand without being washed in the machine as long as in all households; especially in summer unpleasant odors are avoided. In "intensive zone" program can heavily soiled dishes are washed together with no problems with delicate glasses. The Siemens SN45M539EU undercounter dishwasher is in this program the equipment the lower rack hotter than the dishes in the upper basket. Sensitive parts are thereby effectively protected. The drying performance of our test machine was able to convince. Even plastic tableware that was purged in the upper washing basket was dry properly when the program terminates. The dishes were rinsed absolutely free of water spots and sparkling clean even in hard water. Since almost exclusively in modern households dishwasher tablets are used, the addition of salt and rinse aid can be switched off. Unlike older models, the filling display is then deactivated at the front. This proves to be very convenient, because sooner had the dishes by additional use of rinse aid often ugly streaks.
The function addition of salt and rinse aid can be the use of dishwasher abschaltent.
ByDosierassistenten  the multi-phase tablet falls in the Siemens SN45M539EU directly from the washing chamber in a drip tray of the upper Spülkorbs. There he meets a specific set waterjet and dissolves controlled on. The dishwasher detergent is evenly distributed throughout the machine. Due to this special technology the dishes in the Siemens SN45M539EU undercounter dishwasher is particularly clean and radiant. The dosageAssist allows both the use of special salt, rinse aid and dishwasher detergents. Again, the results of our tests were more than convincing.

Safety & Warranty

The integrated AquaStop granted lifetime guarantee against water leakage. A double-walled inlet hose is combined with a safety solenoid valve and a base tray with float. Loses the machine or hose water, the water supply is immediately stopped reliably by this system.


Siemens Built-In Dishwasher In the dishwasher can up to 13 place settings are flushed. The varioflex baskets facilitate the granting of the harness considerably. By Folding spikes in upper and lower baskets can be the interior flexibly.Are the spines laid flat, are also large pots and pans easily into the dishwasher. In addition, the upper basket can be adjusted 3 times in height. Depending on the size of dinner plates and used utensils can so the interior can be utilized optimally. Even bulky trays fit comfortably in our test machine. Something critical is the cleaning effect with cutlery in many dishwashers. But even here the Siemens convinced SN45M539EU dishwasher. Our cutlery in the test was always rinsed shiny clean and also between the forks were no leftovers to find. Our review unit Siemens SN45M539EU undercounter dishwasher is in daily use as an extremely economical and powerful device proved. The washing programs are optimally matched to the needs of smaller and larger households. In addition, the device shines with very frugal fuel consumption. The height adjustable and individually adjustable washing basket allows optimal use of the interior of the dishwasher. The Siemens SN45M539EU undercounter dishwasher is rightly winner; There are currently hardly a device that comes close to the quality and consumption of dishwasher.

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